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Vandal damages Breonna Taylor billboard in Kentucky

Vandal damages Breonna Taylor billboard in Kentucky

A vandal in Kentucky damaged a billboard which was demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot by the police. The vandal added a red blob of paint which was dripping from her forehead. The Louisville Metro Police Department reported that officers had been made aware of the act via social media and that no reports have been filed currently.

Seekster 3 months

Frankly the Breonna Taylor case deserves more attention than the George Floyd case.

AD C 3 months

Is there chance that the 'Vandals' are activist who wanted to hammer the point home even more? The red paint makes it look like Ms. Taylor took a gunshot to the forehead. Which, while graphic, adds impact and could be more likely to stir the emotion of those who see it into action.

Eric 3 months

That is not ok. As someone who supports police, I do not support no knocks and it is by no means whatsoever ok to put any of this on her.

Kevin 3 months

BLM is a hate group tho...

Geoff 3 months

Video of the vandals please and thank you.

Jon 3 months

That is filthy.

Jeff 3 months

That's the smallest billboard ever, Big O must have mixed up bulletin board with billboard

Fin 3 months

Says it all doesn't it just how deep the systemic racist culture runs... Cowards

OpenYourMind 3 months

In the poorest possible taste. Unbelievable. What am I saying? It's 2020...

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