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Kanye West short on ballot signatures, says West Virginia

Kanye West short on ballot signatures, says West Virginia

The office of Mac Warner, the Secretary of State of West Virginia reported that Kanye West’s bid to have his name on the ballot for president came up short on qualified signatures. Mr. West required 7,144 signatures from voters in West Virginia, and managed to submit 15,000. Out of these, only 13,865 were legible, and only 6,383 of those were of confirmed West Virginia registered voters.

Tom A
Tom A
Charles 0 months

So isn’t this strike two for Kanye? Please help him get the treatment he needs.

Corey 0 months

Trump should put KW on his re-election campaign so he can see just how few black people will vote for him.

Kyle G
Kyle G 0 months

They are pushing him out on silly technicalities, the system is so corrupt.

frank 0 months

This has got to be the darkest Anglo to ever walk this earth!

Jon 0 months

Now investigate him for fraud

oscar g
oscar g 0 months

Another one bites the dust

🌀W_AS 0 months

Some Trump campaign aide dropped the ball.

Fin 0 months

U win some u lose some n you commit to taking ur medication so next time u run because u have a message instead of being exploited for a guy that could not really give a thinkers damn bout u other the to help himself...

Independent 0 months

It's ok. He's going to move to England and run for prime minister.

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