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Netanyahu’s PM role could be taken after rivals discussed joining forces

Netanyahu’s PM role could be taken after rivals discussed joining forces

Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett and opposition leader Yair Lapid have discussed working together to each become PM of Israel. The two would each rotate after 2 years so both could get equal time as PM. Their goal is to ’return Israel back to its course’ said Bennett. Bennett’s forces join with Lapid could end Netanyahu’s 12 year position as PM.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 weeks

Hopefully this new government will be more tolerant of Palestinian rocket attacks. The last thing Israel needs is a leader that protects his people and defends the country. Get rid of Ben and get a solid socialist in there that will tax prosperity, reduce freedoms and take the security away from common people. Peace can be obtained with a new leader that believes in the destruction of Israel. Yes, this was sarcasm.

Indo 3 weeks

Take down this hawk or face even more troubles. He had one thing in mind when he took office. Now its happening.

Martin 3 weeks

Hopefully they get someone who supports more inclusion and refugees. They need to start doing more to keep up with Europe and America. Maybe building more mosques might create peace with the muslims. After all, diversity is our biggest strength.

terek_baver 3 weeks

I don't know if "Americans or Europeans" can go and say yay or boo to this, you haven't lived under him or seen what he did, I'm glad he's going out but also extremely worried cause he is the man that made Israel the tech giant it is today, ever since he entered the executive in the 2000 Israel hasn't stopped growing, although again I fully trust this new government to do things right and at the same time mantain the stability in the region without compromising in the "Israel is Jewish state and THE Jewish state in the world"

Bluery 3 weeks

We’ll, its hard to imagine a worse tyrant than Netanyahu, so I’m glad to see this may finally happen.

Vark 3 weeks

Israel needs more liberals to diversify their nation. Think how vibrant Israel will be even stronger! They'll even do the jobs Israelis don't want! [:

Luke 2 weeks

Yes, Israel. Do this. Get rid of the worst Prime Minister Israel has ever had.

David 3 weeks

Don't know to much about political parties but an ultra nationalist party sounds a bit concerning, isn't the concern with the current is they are to Isreali nationalist?

Seekster 3 weeks

As long as Israel's government stabilizes I don't care who the PM is.

chris 3 weeks

Send him to the Hague

Jon 3 weeks

He's a criminal get rid of him.

Patty 3 weeks

About time

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 weeks

Why is this news? Why should anyone care about a tiny slither of dirt that produces nothing? Oh that's right, they own the US.

Qanonsense 2 weeks

ANYONE but Bibi

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