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2 dead, over 20 injured in Florida banquet hall shooting

2 dead, over 20 injured in Florida banquet hall shooting

Two people died and an estimated 20 to 25 people were injured in a shooting outside a banquet hall in South Florida early Sunday. The gunfire erupted at the El Mula Banquet Hall in northwest Miami-Dade County. According to reports, three people got out of an SUV and opened fire on the crowd outside the hall. Authorities believe the shooting was targeted. No arrests were immediately announced.

Neutral 2 weeks

Whats interesting (sad really, the entire situation) is how it is immediately labeled and act of "gun violence". It seems to infer that this could have never happened without a gun, and while it's true that without guns shootings wouldn't occur are we really that naive to think violence, murder and assaults would just dissappear? Approx a millennia ago rocks were the tool of choice, and in some countries it still is....we aren't going to solve these issues when the media presents a distraction that is "guns". Society and criminals will just move to the next tool to deal with the same issues. I mean come on we are better and smarter than this right?! /s...maybe....God hopefully not😑

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Youre gonna have to do better then that if you wanna be like Chicago. Notice how there isn't any news coverage of their gun violence? Ever. You actually have to go and find it since it's just so common its not even news worthy.

Jack 2 weeks

Realistically without firearms many would think they would be reduced to using more primitive methods of harm, yet that would bring down the threat level by a good margin and level the playing ground for awareness and retaliatory defense to some measure. But again, they would still use guns? When has preventative or prohibitory measures ever really kept firearms or more out of the hands of anyone determined enough?

Jon 2 weeks

Sounds like a mob hit. I'm sure that if Florida made guns illegal, the cartels would stop assassinating people.

Tom 2 weeks

No I think it was something to do with the Palestinians and Israeli situation look at the name of the banqueting hall

Ben 2 weeks

Hmmm🤔 In the backyard of the lefties again..... Why all these shootings when the leftists get control? Why are the “public servants” arming themselves to the teeth while restricting our rights to hold them? https/// Why does the SBA need guns? Why do they get 50 round magazines in their P90s and we get 20 and less? Anybody see a problem with this? Anybody see a pattern here?

Ryan 2 weeks

Another mass shooting. Swear one happens everyday in America. Yet people keep defending the public use of firearms. Baffling.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2 weeks

Damnnnn, last night three "Florida men" - did it again. Florida convenience stores need to start selling class 3 body armor or Kevlar Clothing. Next time going to Florida I'm going to be wearing a plate carrier

Yankee 2 weeks

OK . One more time for the low IQ . Guns do NOT kill people . Psychopaths with bad intentions , kill people . Example , 9 11 over three thousand dead in less than 3 hours . More would have been dead if the 4th plane wouldn't have been " SHOT " down . No matter how you try to pin the blame on guns . People will die if someone wants them to.

Kamran 2 weeks

Is it just reporting or are these things happening more frequently in the last 6 months? How can we get data we can trust about this?

Charles 2 weeks

For all you "knifes are just as dangerous" people.... Let me know when the first mass stabbing happens. I'll be the first one to say you were right.

Jon 2 weeks

But I thought Florida is a gun stand your ground state? Shouldn't shootings not exist there?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

““This is a despicable act of gun violence, a cowardly act,” Ramirez told the Miami Herald. “This type of gun violence has to stop. Every weekend it's the same thing,” Ramirez said during an early morning news conference.” Tell us, officer Ramirez, did this gun have a human accomplice? Do we have a description of the human accomplice? Do we have a motive yet? Are we going to do any “police work” at all or just grandstand in front of the cameras? Asking for a friend.

Shmule 2 weeks

People at a rap concert were targeted. Could it be related to the attempted assassination of rapper YoungBoy a few days earlier, also in the Miami area? Two bystanders were killed in that gunfight also.

NicholeB 2 weeks

I love how every day there is a mass shooting and the comments are always about how guns arent a problem. Oh the irony.

Randall 2 weeks


Warren 2 weeks

How come you pussies in merca have to use guns? Aren’t you lot man enough to fight with fists?

Glen 2 weeks

They really know how to party in Florida.

Max 2 weeks

Fewer people would've been injured if the killers had knives.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

We need to rewrite the 2nd Amendment or there will be more and more mass shootings. We already have a standing military. So, there's no need to have an armed populace as well.

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