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Tropical Storms Laura, Marco form potential double threat to Gulf Coast

Tropical Storms Laura, Marco form potential double threat to Gulf Coast

Two tropical systems could become nearly simultaneous threats to the US Gulf Coast early next week. Tropical Storm Marco formed Friday night over the northwestern Caribbean Sea and is forecast to move near the Yucatan Peninsula Saturday, joining Tropical Storm Laura which is nearing the Dominican Republic. Both of these systems are forecast to impact the northern Gulf Coast of the U.S. next week.

Dagelf 2 months

There's an excellent documentary on YT about the insane list of preparations that goes into these... And costs, to so many different parties. A moment of silence and a salute to you all.

Matt 2 months

[insert name of god or gods here] must be mad at [place disaster happened] because they [perceived reason for disaster here]! That's what happens when you become a [political party you are not a part of here].

Geoff 2 months

Why would anyone intelligent, live on or near a coast? They pretend like hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis are a NEW thing...

Devon 2 months

I really hope not😂

frank 2 months

Alabama, Florida, Georgia annd Mississippi are red states, right! Good riddance!

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 2 months

I bet you $1 that it doesn't make landfall at New Orleans lol

mickey 2 months

After reading all 3 views... I'm a bit worried... However I know that Texans and Southerners GOT THIS. Stay safe.... ✌

dan 2 months

not a meteorologist but I don't see this happening? at least to any severity;-68.4;4&l=wind-850hpa

Sadie 2 months

Thoughts and prayers to folks in harms way. Stay safe and God bless.

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