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Texas House Democrats block voting bill in dramatic walkout

Texas House Democrats block voting bill in dramatic walkout

Texas Democrats walked out of the state House’s chamber just before midnight on Sunday to deny Republicans the quorum needed to hold a final vote on a bill that would tighten voting laws in the state. Gov. Greg Abbott said he will call for a special session. The bill has the support of Republicans in the state. Democrats see the bill as an attempt to discourage minorities from casting a ballot.

C 2 weeks

Ensuring someone is actually voting is restricting? We check IDs for alcohol, rental cars and even to use our credit cards. to make sure someone can actually vote before they do is not okay and somehow favors one side? The one-sided arguments against this are pathetic just like the one-sided bias links all from political news sources on one side of the aisle. Please don't stop the gravy train we've been slurping on for generations!!! like ballot harvesting at Old folks homes. Your "Just sign here ma'am, I'll send it in for you" days are numbered

Mutatis 2 weeks

"GOP legislators are also moving to prohibit Sunday voting before 1 p.m., which critics called an attack on what is commonly known as "souls to the polls" — a get-out-the-vote campaign used by Black church congregations nationwide." I have previously seen this claim, that any reduction in Sunday voting potentially impacting black American voters in a uniquely harsh manner, however is there any evidence to support it? I mean has anyone seen a demographic breakdown of Sunday voters, in any locale, to see if a significant disparity in turnout even exists compared to other days?

Csaba 2 weeks

Why do blacks need an advantage? All of us have the same rules and laws. With no discrimination or racism. Democrats will do anything to divide us. To give them a leg up!

Yankee 2 weeks

Huh . Same as the alcohol on Sunday laws . You either get it before or after prohibited time. What's different with voting . If one wants to vote he or she can . For Pete's sake it's not election day any more , it's election month.

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

If someone doesn't know what a chain of custody is or won't acknowledge why it is a bad thing to be broken, then they're missing a vital piece of information.

E N..
E N.. 2 weeks

Once, just once, i'd like to see the GOP try to pass a voting bill that would expand access to voting instead of limiting it. They already rely on minority rule, limiting voting access is just the latest example of the moral cowardice that drives these efforts.

Brandon 2 weeks

White racist Demoncrats love using minorities as their achilles for everything “like they think we’re still their slaves we cant think for ourselves

Dave 2 weeks

No Democrats? So the bill should just be passed unopposed. They had the opportunity to vote, they refused. Why is it the Republicans problem?

nevertrustnobody 2 weeks

Democrats wants us to have vaccine passports but not to require an ID to vote? Pick one please. Let’s just settle this and have a number stamped on our foreheads or our forearms to allow us to buy and sell things, vote, and show off our list of vaccinations. What could go wrong?

steve 2 weeks

This is grassroots modern conservatism folks. Plain and simple. Message has been muted by a series of horrible candidates and 2 decades of failed administrations and ineffective legislatures. When you’re unable to convince voters with messaging you simply make it harder for those opposed to vote. It’s not difficult to convince the average registered Republican that we need voter ID laws. Just ramp of the fear and mix in a good dose of unhinged, disproven conspiracy. Works every time, and it’s a calculated hedge against an aging, shrinking GOP base.

Braindead 2 weeks

The democrats cut there own throat with the walk out. Sad they can't stay and fight and come to happy medium for the Texas citizens. But the democrats only want there way so they can cheat as they did in the 2020 election

Tobias 2 weeks

I seem to remember republicans in Oregon doing the very same thing. I don't wanna hear a single damn thing against this. If your side can do it, so can we.

george 2 weeks

Democrats are saying black people are too stupid and lazy to get an ID. Meanwhile 70% of black people are for voter ID....

Cían 2 weeks

I just can’t wrap my head around why dems are so against these laws. In Ireland we’ve always needed to present are ID (passport or driving license so it has a photo) and out balid so that the register officially stamps it before going into the booth

GreenPartyFTW 2 weeks

The real solution is automatically enrolling every U.S citizen at age 18 to vote just like the draft. GOP gets it sort of right, the Dems...questionable, but neither are proposing ideal solutions

Seekster 2 weeks

I smell a special session.

Jacob 2 weeks

Democrats want weak voting restrictions because they cheat in elections

Barry 2 weeks

It's interesting that Republicans can only win when less people vote

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 weeks

Fantastic!!!! Republicans are known for trying to suppress voting. Stop them at all costs!!!

Seekster 2 weeks

I am sure this will get passed in the inevitable special session.

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