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Sturgis motorcycle rally linked to more than 100 infections in at least 8 states

Sturgis motorcycle rally linked to more than 100 infections in at least 8 states

The North Dakota Department of Health said COVID-19 cases linked to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally earlier this month in South Dakota have been confirmed in eight states. The majority of the cases are reportedly in South Dakota and Minnesota, which have 37 and 35 cases among residents respectively as of Tuesday, while Nebraska reported 18 cases, up from seven last week.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Not sure of latest statistics, but testing positive for c-19 means 0.6% chance anything else happening (assuming no other health issues). Anyone have the current numbers for the US?

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

What about all those people burning down shit in Wisconsin?

Jake 0 months

So 300,000 attend and 100 have it so far? EveryonePanic! Let’s shut down the entire country... Meanwhile CNN: Riots are justified, Not spreading Covid

Independent 0 months

Aw just give em a bottle of Jack Daniels and tell them to tough it out. Losers.

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

But blm riots had no positive links?

frank 0 months

Please don't accept them at hospitals if they need care unless there is plenty of room! Serves them right

Shenanigans 0 months

Don't matter Trump sheep believe Covid-19 is fake fear tactic from Democrats.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Haha bikers arent stronger than a virus.

ben 0 months

250,000? Hey, only could have been worse! Glad they were able to enjoy this historical and very American annual event! Republicans like their freedoms, Dems want to hand their rights over to Harris/Biden.

Alaric 0 months

I'm curious what the protests and riots have done with the numbers, media is too pro chaos and leftist to give those figures out though, including this app

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