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Jerry Falwell Jr: Liberty University confirms resignation amid sex scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr: Liberty University confirms resignation amid sex scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr has resigned as president of Liberty University, the school said on Tuesday. It comes after a business associate said he had had a sexual relationship with Falwell and his wife. Falwell has denied that he was involved in the pair’s illicit romps. The evangelical leader had already been put on leave after sharing a photo of himself with his trousers unzipped.

Independent 4 weeks

Proves that not only is nepotism a really bad idea, but that - surprise- not every Good Christian is a good Christian.

ben 4 weeks

His Daddy must be so very proud.

intherough 4 weeks

By all accounts, Falwell was apparently ok with this. Other than the whole Christian thing, I don't see a problem, lol.

Fin 4 weeks

Told u the most pious among us the most perverse.. Twisted... But yeah its just catholics... I read ur tweets early how he u must so forgive because he is a God's chosen....... Can only pray for what gets chosen for isn't anything he did unto others as he up himself..... Watch he will announce running off to rehab because the devils firewater stole his soul n he is in a battle to retrieve it.... N the reason dad warned him about.. He got addicted as a kid to watching teletubbies.. Of course he was twenty five on dad's special wealthy assistance program... N yes telies are tools of the sodomites n homosexuals.. A Cia obama jedi mind trick he invented with his dad from remote Kenya during his youth groomed by the deeeeep pitch blackest of the state.... N hrc used witch majik to transmit the witch Dr's boga boga MOJO onto Jerry's first born... To protect the Obama seeds of evil... For future sowing........ Poor Dean Jerry all those Co Ed's he thought if they wore the liberty habit skirts he could fight off wicked woodpecker curse sent by the devil her self that's right oache the love child of Che stormy rivers Rivera secret affair with oboma momma.......... The book of q predicted it remember u saw all those nasty pic u got on line revenge porning his mother.. His mother u bsstards that died from yes breast cancer who could not get health care because the elite college she worked at as a assistant professor was denied nheslth insurance...... N u wonder why he pushed for health care...... U insensitive self righteous porn politics birtherism applauders n clapper cause vengeance isn't the lords its what ppl like Dean fallwell n haggy Gingrich n mitch n hucksyerberry told u it was... N you indulged it. Thank u proving u will apple Bob in any gas station toilet that u think has an image of Jesus in its pipes for yhe secret knowledge to hurt people who wanted to help u in a depression.. One u created by greed.. Reg ppl Catholics have one thing u don't.. Respect n reverence for yhe seven deadly sins n the cardinal virtues..... But that's socialism n commies only embrace such catholic nonsense.. We we enjoy living the the deadly . Sins we know we get instant qualified immunity says yhe Dutch reform church of her holiness n highness queen bets n lord warrior n knight prince..... U fool nobody just urself n the the game at Malta to start black water right Eric

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