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Liberty University says Jerry Falwell Jr. ’withdrew’ his resignation

Liberty University says Jerry Falwell Jr. ’withdrew’ his resignation

Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed to resign as Liberty University’s president Monday but withdrew his resignation when media reports about the decision emerged, the university said Monday night.The NYT reported, citing sources, that the terms of his resignation are being negotiated. ’Falwell has not yet resigned but he’s in negotiations with the school over his future,’ said the unnamed official.

Corey 0 months

Another Evangelical acting one way while preaching another. Sadly, this is Trump’s base. One way to turn people away from your religion is to be a hypocrit

The Last Viking
The Last Viking 0 months

This is what happens when you have any sort of power. Tiger woods would’ve never had so many girls after him if he couldn’t sink those hole in ones... lol anyways power attracts. Sucks to have a hypocrit as your college president

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 0 months

Out of all the universities in the country, none irk the left quite like this one, and that makes me think the only reason this is news is bc it makes the university look bad. How is a university president from a relatively obscure school resigning news otherwise?

shawn 0 months

Look at that another evangelical church leader invalid in a sexual scandal god did not have any sexual scandals.

Ben 0 months

Good Riddance to a creep.

Fin 4 weeks

The reverands golden parachute deal.. N the lt gov of FL just lectured us on Joe's evil anti religious agenda to spring board the Roman oppressor revolution.... She told her team we will render unto ceasar what is ceasars.. Ok we happily will render Jerry to bow n kiss ceasars ring.. Jesus say he is exhausted has no more room left in detention purgatory for all the judas wealthy Bible prophesy hijixs judases.. He has a huge court docket for his dad the judge n holding a spot for Master killjoy.. In the solitary dining wing slash Icu.. Yep covid there to non maskers infected angels in jobs on beach in la

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