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Pam Bondi launches attack on Hunter Biden at GOP convention

Pam Bondi launches attack on Hunter Biden at GOP convention

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi in a speech at the RNC on Tuesday attacked Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. ’When you look at his 47-year career in politics, the people who benefited are his family members, not the American people’, Bondi said about Biden. She accused Hunter of meeting with Chinese bankers who approved millions in funds for his firm while his father was in office.

Corey 2 months

Another crook in the Republican Party that is put up on a pedestal by the Party. Trump’s most loyal supporters are crooks!

Fin 2 months

Ask Ms bondi this.. Why did she do nothing to stop the industry in South Florida near Mara largo of Russian as yu call anchor babies. They fly in rent the condos have their kids pay no taxes only they don't stay they return to Russia with their kids American birth certificate.. Done so for years hot and heavy industry there.. And ms bondi who took a kickback from trump to shit down folks ripped off by trump u also did zero on the Russian trade for American birth certificates... So yes indignant Pam let's bring it and show your agenda to keep corrition great again.. U climber at the expense if we the people n Florida residence

Independent 2 months

What - like the Bible said, calling out the gnat in your neighbor's eye while ignoring the plank in your own eye?

frank 2 months

she meant Yvanka!

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