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Zuckerberg admits it was a mistake not to remove Kenosha militia page

Zuckerberg admits it was a mistake not to remove Kenosha militia page

Facebook made ’an operational mistake’ in ignoring reports about a page encouraging an armed militia to ’defend’ Kenosha, Wisconsin, against Black Lives Matter protestors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged in a video post Friday. Unfortunately, it was too late.

TexasReb 4 weeks

Facebook says that it banned the Kenosha Guard's page because of its new "Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy". If Facebook is banning "Dangerous Organizations", shouldn't it ban Black Lives Matter? BLM's riots are responsible for an obscene amount of death, injury and violence.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks

Militias are legal according to state and federal laws. Riots aren't. 🤷

David 4 weeks

I smell BS here

Jason 4 weeks

Error in program. Please continue to consume. Carry on. Carry on. Carey on.

Xinjiang Summer Camp
Xinjiang Summer Camp 4 weeks

But antifa can have a page?

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 weeks

How is the desire to protect people against those doing violence a dangerous organisation. They don't advocated for the targeting of any specific groups and attacking them. They just want to be a private group that believes in the rights and liberties afforded to them by the US constitution. To call them dangerous is to call the founding American principles dangerous.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 4 weeks

Time to file lawsuit against facebook and make a boat load of cash on Suckerburg

HailCorporateOverlords 4 weeks

But I thought Zuckerberg said he didn't want to be the arbiter of truth? Make up your mind Zuck, you really can't pander to both sides on this issue.

GUYIVKS 4 weeks

Yet does nothing about bee ell em sites promoting violence and paedophile sites.

fish 4 weeks

The Zuck prefers looting and rioting to go ahead unposed.

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 4 weeks

It is always a mistake, an oversight, a technical problem. Or some other bullshit excuse with him.

And Space
And Space 4 weeks

Fakebook as become nothing more than Bash White Crackers and Trump

coughdrop1989 4 weeks

So you ban the group that is protecting American property and trying to ebsure these people protest peacefumly. Yet you let the organization thats literally shooting police officers, murdering children in their "peaceful protests" and also looting plus burning down city blocks across the nation. Sounds legit. I bet zuckerberg sits down wheb he pisses too.

Property 4 weeks

The new is very bias on this one, one video shows clearly a guy holding a pistol to the head of the 17 year old who shot him but the new reports "he tried to unarm him..." I dont know the full story but this is super one-sided I can tell that much

Curtis 4 weeks

Big tech clearly embrace far left idealogy - maybe we should help them out and nationalise these companies?

Jefferson 4 weeks

Just wonder how many mistakes you have made and are going to make through Facebook...

Jim 4 weeks

No the mistake is running a public gossip board and then trying to edit it

Tom 4 weeks

What does Zuck know? He’s a thief.

David 4 weeks

Dangerous because it doesn't fit the leftists Marxist agendas.

Bob 4 weeks

Why tf he look like that tho 😭😭

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