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Xi says China to step up efforts to fight ’splittism’ in Tibet

Xi says China to step up efforts to fight ’splittism’ in Tibet

China must build an ’impregnable fortress’ to maintain stability in Tibet, protect national unity and struggle against ’splittism’, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday. China seized control over Tibet in 1950 in what it describes as a ’peaceful liberation’ that helped the nation end its ’feudalist’ past. But critics, led by the exiled Dalai Lama, say Beijing’s rule amounts to ’cultural genocide’

O'Brien 3 months

You can only admire the resilience of the Tibetan spirit under the oppressive burden of their commie occupiers.

John 3 months

Tibet was never part of china or chinese civilization....china is better off getting rid of this barren patch and focus on moving the rest of the country into higher income group, else these western provinces will drag overall chinese performance and growth stats into a middle income quagmire.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 3 months

Unity intensifies.

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