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Arkansas Sheriff resigns after racist rant

Arkansas Sheriff resigns after racist rant

An Arkansas sheriff has resigned after coming under fire over a leaked racist recording. In the recording, Sheriff Todd Wright of Arkansas County is heard becoming upset that a woman he was with who spoke to a black person in a store. The man in the recording uses a racial slur against black people about nine times. Wright apologized and said he made those comments in the heat of the moment.

Tim 4 weeks

I was raised that if you speak it, it was in your heart. If it's on your heart, it's who you are. I don't believe anyone who says one thing in private and something different in public. It's why I distrust all politicians

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 4 weeks

As a individual who wears a uniform, he should lead by example, but as a human being everyone is flawed... It’s easy to say, he/she shouldn’t have done this or that, but everyone who say they NEVER done anything wrong, makes a total lier...

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