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Rep. Steve Scalise’ tweet flagged for manipulating words of disabled activist

Rep. Steve Scalise’ tweet flagged for manipulating words of disabled activist

Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted a video that altered the words of a disabled activist who interviewed Joe Biden, creating the false impression that Biden supported defunding police. Twitter flagged the video as ’manipulated content’. The doctored clip is between Biden and Ady Barkan, who has ALS and uses a computerized voice to speak. ’You owe the entire disability community an apology’, said Barkan.

Trystan 3 months

Considering there are only left sources, most likely this has been made up by the fake news media. Anything to attack people to the right and display them as criminals. We should take the time to investigate the reporters of these so called news organizations.

Somebody 3 months

If this is true, I hope that horrible person gets fired.

David 3 months

So what about banning media that constantly twists things around out of context? How about banning Biden who said that Trump's whole career has been about oppressing blacks, you can go watch video right now of Jesse Jackson giving him a diversity award.

Katie 3 months

This person needs to resign. This should not be tolerated in the government. So tired of these people that lie and cheat. That is not a requirement but I guess it is now with a Trump as president.

Muzical 3 months

Now do Biden. His handlers do this just as often and the Silicon Valley monopolies refuse to hold Democrats to the same standards.

Mutatis 3 months

Unethical, though the change seems to have little impact on the context of the interview. Perhaps the change was done to make an easier soundbite for advertising purposes.

Cole. 3 months

Yo make a feature that inculdes the tweet because I'm certain this is some petty bs

John 3 months

Manipulation of content is CNN’s entire political news strategy. Strange how I’ve never seen on of their tweets flagged.

mickey 3 months

There's just no end to these People and their depravity... As DISGUSTING as their FEARFUL leader. To twist the Words of another to continue a LIE only serves to make the one telling it and the ones who believes it.

Beijing Binden
Beijing Binden 3 months

Yet no one says anything about cnn msdnc about lying about Kyle Rittenhouse a true PATRIOT

Brza 3 months

Trystan- maybe a better question for the "right wing media" would be "Why don't you cover this?" As opposed to "the left made it up." Scalise didn't deny it and it was on his Twitter. So I doubt it's been fabricated. This also isn't the first time politicians have spread misinformation via Dr.'d videos. It seems to come from the right when it makes the news. I'm not saying that the left doesn't do it, but if they do- the media certainly hasn't covered it. I think that if we want to clear up the fake news issue, we need our elected officials to stop participating in it's manufacturing and use some sober judgement before spreading what could be flat out lies. I think that would make the most significant impact against these types of lies.

MIDESSA 3 months

Just another politician caught in a lie. What's the problem? That is literally what they do for a living.

Terry 3 months

Why don't these left commies let the left say anything they want but if Trump says something border line they will flag him.l The American ppl have caught on to Twitter and Facebook and others for their China syndrome.

Independent 3 months

So we can't just call it lying any more?

Steven 3 months

Twitter back off from politics geez. Is it wrong to twist words? Yes but let us figure that out, stop babying everyone

MickHigan 3 months


Eric 3 months

Why do all of the dumb mother Trumpers co-conspirators always think that they can get away with ANYTHING because of their commander in CHEAT?!?

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