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RNC speaker Abby Johnson said her bi-racial son is more likely to commit a crime

RNC speaker Abby Johnson said her bi-racial son is more likely to commit a crime

Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, a speaker at last week’s RNC, in a video posted on YouTube in late June condoned the police racially profiling her bi-racial son. ’Statistically, my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons’, Johnson said. She added that it ’doesn’t actually make me angry’ that a cop ’would be more careful around my brown son than my white son’.

Corey 3 months

Great way to bring up a bi-racial child: tell then they are thugs, who will end up in jail? This should be considered child abuse,

Querque 3 months

The FBI reported years ago that marijuana use between blacks and whites was roughly equal, yet the great majority of people in prison for marijuana are black. Statistics using only prison population would say then that blacks are tens of times more likely to use marijuana when we all know the real reason is a racist justice system.

Burger 3 months

That speaks more to her parenting skills than the child’s race. Calling him a criminal before he has done anything is proof of that.

night night
night night 3 months

And I thought my mother was problematic. How can this not qualify as child abuse? Her open and proud failure to parent is sickening.

Rocky 3 months

She does realize it's more about the environment than the skin color right? I mean black men don't commit more crimes BECAUSE they are black. Realistically it's likely more to do with family situation and poverty.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 3 months

The quote in the summary capitalizes the S in "statistically" implying that is it the beginning of her sentence. It isn't. The beginning of that sentence puts context to what she says. The context is that of a police officer that doesn't know where her son grew up or what his family life was like. Dishonesty capitalizing the middle of a sentence makes it NOT an actual quotation of her. With that said, I still think what she said was disgusting. Cops DO have to make statistical judgements like that and it's completely understandable. However, if the cop is only paying attention to race, they're a racist. I'm sure most cops don't though. I'm certain most cops would be more wary around a white guy dressed as a gangbanger with his pants at his knees than a black guy with a Star Trek shirt on.

Charles 3 months

She doesn’t deserve to be the mother of the bi-racial boy. He deserves a mother who does not feel he is as law-abiding as her white son. That is the definition of racist.

frank 3 months

I hope CPS is reading this! A poor excuse of a mother is putting on the shoe before she gets a thorn! Conservative moms at their best!

Independent 3 months

Tiger Woods and Obama might beg to differ with her on that.

Somebody 3 months

Wow. Has anyone in the Republican party denounce this lady. Is that really what the Republican Party stands for?

V!!!!! 3 months

What a piece of S#@t mom

Ian 3 months

That's not how statistics work...

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