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Ruling on Trump’s request to delay subpoena of his tax returns to be announced

Ruling on Trump’s request to delay subpoena of his tax returns to be announced

A ruling would be issued on Tuesday by a federal appellate court on President Trump’s request for a stay pending appeal of his lawsuit filed against the office of the district attorney of Manhattan to block a subpoena for years of his financial records. William Consovoy, an attorney for the President told the judges that the subpoena was ’an arbitrary fishing expedition’.

Tom A
Tom A
Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 3 months

How is it not a fishing expedition? They want all his info going back as far as they can desperately trying to find something , anything to hurt him. How is this legal?

nsmith2016 3 months

Got nothing to hide if you're innocent.

Sammi 3 months

If Trump doesn't want to turn over his taxes obviously he is hiding something. Every president has to turn their taxes over. He is no different. Then again, "when he is president" he will right? Trump doesn't believe himself to be president so maybe that's the problem!

James 3 months

If, at the end of the day, his tax returns get released; and if, at the end of the day, some argument is made suggesting there is a problem, won't that fall to the accountants that prepared the returns? I'm sure Trump doesn't micromanage their accounting practices - if he did, he might as well complete his own returns.

frank 3 months

I am the law and order candidate!! 😂

Met Man
Met Man 3 months

The big joke is that the IRS has all his details and has not charged him with anything. If there was something illegal going on they would have leaked this years ago. Trump is stretching this to keep the dems distracted and hoping for something that will never come.

MIDESSA 3 months

Hey trumpetts where's your response of how your god king is above such reproach? What crickets??

doc 3 months

So much to hide.

Alaric 3 months

or biden with the details about tara reads sexual assault case or financial dealings with the chinese communist party, or.his disturbing behavior with children

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