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Fact check shows CDC’s data on COVID-19 deaths used incorrectly

Fact check shows CDC’s data on COVID-19 deaths used incorrectly

A fact check has disproved the recent rumor that the CDC reduced the number of deaths due to COVID-19 from nearly 154,000 to a little more than 9,200, 6% of that initial total. Twitter has since removed the original tweet, which came from an account dedicated to QAnon. The CDC statement highlighted that 6% of those who died with COVID-19 through Aug. 15 didn’t have any other reported conditions.

dan 3 months

no matter how they spin this it is what a lot of us have been saying for a long time, this is not a hoax but it's not as bad as they want us to believe. the same people who fought this idea all the way are not going to stop now. they will stop 2-4 weeks after the election

Slippery Jim
Slippery Jim 3 months

Fact checker: No! No! Lots of ppl died of covid! Even if most were from other causes like cancer, diabetes, or car crashes. Even if poor physical health of Americans might be the reason. Maintain the narrative! Be scared of the Boogeyman!

MrLoseddos 3 months

The CDC actually have injuries, intentional and unintentional, in the stats. So a person falling down some stairs and dies, dies because of covid? What?

Stephen 3 months

So an official government agency confirms something qanon has been alluding to and the solution is to attack them?

The Last Viking
The Last Viking 3 months

Social media must really get off of deleting and censoring people. It’s like the teachers pet in school who rats on people all the time to get that pat on the head. Get a life twitter

David 3 months

So in the end, the so called fact checkers found that the CDC was correct in stating 94% of deaths were not solely from covid but from something else like the flu, pneumonia and other Respiratory illnesses. 6% actually died from the virus.

Richard 3 months

Who is the liar that wrote that headline? Literally Nazi level propaganda. The data speaks for itself. The government at every level has lied about virtually everything with this disease and then the have the brazen audacity to gaslight everyone and say the data actually proves their lie are true. I mean this is bizarre

Charles 3 months

What really matters here is excess deaths. And it's a lot. At least 200,000 more people have died this year than in normal years.

Anatole 3 months

Believing q anon is no different than thinking the earth is flat. Conspiracy theorists just want to feel like they are part of something special. You are not special no one is.get over yourselves. You don't know something that the rest of the world doesn't. You just believe unproven crack pot ideas that are most likely someone trying to manipulate you.

Kevin 3 months

That's their fact check??? Saying people believe that it's not covid that killed them???? Really,so now the fact checkers are telling us what we thought,there for it's false???? No,dumbass... We're saying if they didn't have co morbidities,COVID MOST LIKELY WOULDNT OF KILLED THEM!!!! WHICH MEANS MOST PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK OR OLD ARE THE ONES WHO MAY NOT SURVIVE!!!!!! JUST LIKE THE FUCKING FLU,ASSHOLES!!!!!!

Muh Privilege (Real Talk)
Muh Privilege (Real Talk) 3 months

Are we really fighting over semantics right now. Like seriously. The divide goes that deep that we even have to fight over semantics. Look what the MSM has done to us. SHAME

Dan 3 months

The so called fact checkers need to be fact checked themselves.

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