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Dijon Kizzee killed ’in cold blood’, attorney says

Dijon Kizzee killed ’in cold blood’, attorney says

An attorney who represents the families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Jacob Blake, speaking on the shooting death of Dijon Kizzee said he was ’executed in cold blood’. Kizzee’s only crime, Ben Crump said, was to be a black person riding a bicycle. The team of attorneys said they plan to file a complaint, a precursor to a lawsuit. An autopsy of Kizzee’s body is scheduled.

Grok This
Grok This 3 weeks

I'll reserve my judgement until I can see bodycam. I'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. The police report said he had a gun, punched an officer, and ran. The only thing cold here is the horse getting beat.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 3 weeks

Summary of events, as known at this time: 1. Man is riding a bike. 2. Cops do a U-turn and try to question him. 3. Man flees on bike. 4. Man dumps bike, and continues to flee on foot. 5. Cops catch man. 6. Man punches cop in the face. 7. Man drops jacket, revealing a previously concealed semi-automatic hand gun. 8. Man flees on foot again. 9. Cops shoot fleeing man 15-20 times, killing him. My take: 1. Okay. 2. What reason did the cops have to stop the man? Was this justified? 3-4. Why did the man flee? Cops now have justifiable cause to pursue. Never run from cops. 5. Good. 6. What the fuck? Cops have every right to arrest the man for assaulting an officer. 7. Cops now know man was armed, and possibly still is. 8. Never run from cops. 9. JFC that's a lot of shots. Cops are justified in seeking his arrest, but this seems like an unreasonable amount of force... What man did wrong: ran from cops, assaulted a cop, produced a concealed weapon whilst resisting arrest, ran from cops again. What cops did wrong: attempt to stop someone (seemingly) without justifiable cause, potentially used unreasonable force in the man's apprehension. No matter how you slice it, this was not cops executing a man for "riding a bicycle whilst black". The initial questioning may or may not have been justified, but had the man answered their questions he would still be alive. He is not dead because he rode a bicycle whilst black, he is dead because he punched a cop, resisted arrest, produced a concealed weapon, and tried to run away. Cops may have fucked up too. But the copper's fuck up didn't result in his death... He is dead as a direct result of the way he chose to interact with the police.

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