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Car drives through Black Lives Matter crowd in Times Square

Car drives through Black Lives Matter crowd in Times Square

A motorist drove through a crowd of protesters in NY’s Times Square on Thursday. The incident occurred as hundreds of BLM protesters gathered. A video of the incident shows some people on bicycles in front of the vehicle before the driver accelerates. The bicyclists appeared to try to prevent the car from moving forward.

Jeff 3 months

Looks like the car was trying to get through and of course they didn't let him and got upset when he started driving, the driver then stopped momentarily, waited for the people to stop being stupid and move then nsped off while the crowd began attacking the car. Get out of the damn road, not everyone has all day to stand around and play sjw. Headlines are making it out like a crazed person rode up onto a side walk killing people, we are truly in an alternate reality. They immediately try to start rumors that it was a cop car, the the police say it wasn't and also nobody filed a complaint, this is such BS

Adrian 3 months

This nonsense has to stop. People who are not a part of a political agenda should stop being harrased by mob mentality. Just because you are expressing your rights does not mean the other persons rights cease to exist.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 3 months

Further video needs to be shown before I pass judgement on the driver. The video doesn't show why he accelerated further into the crowd. It is likely he/she was being harassed previous to the video shown, just like most other drivers that have an unfortunate meeting with these domestic terrorists.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 months

If my car got swarmed by these people id accelerate to. These people are a vicious and dangerous mobs who have a history of shooting at vehicles and dragging people out cars to beat them in the street

A user you may know
A user you may know 3 months

Cults in democrat led cities seems to be the norm in 2020. Really strange and so sad to see our country infected with false premise cultists. Just to be crystal clear, I don't support Burn Loot Murder cult and you blocking and/or assaulting my car does not make me like them more. They are at best a brainwashed cult obstructing roadways and at worse a violent threat to American citizen's health and lives. These democrat mayors need to do something NOW!

porcus 3 months

Looks like the mob was damaging his vehicle - hutting and kicking it, using their bikes against it, that sort of thing. I didn't see anyone get run over or struck by the vehicle, nor did it look like anyone involved was hurt. The articles are trying to drum up outrage but this was not an attack.

David 3 months

Get out of the f'ing road, you are not peacefully protesting by impeding vehicles.

kekkeroni 3 months

What did those idiots expect after they assassinated a Trump supporter? These morons are America's Isis: wear all black, have faces covered, commit acts of Jihad, celebrate murder, set themselves up to look like victims, and place children in between themselves and law enforcement.

Steve 3 months

I'd be afraid to stop in the "protest" may get drug out the car beaten if not killed. Protesters should really think over filling streets as an angry mob.

CheekyGreenConure 3 months

The car driver was peacefully protesting with his car. Knowing how those monsters react, he could have died. I saw the video.

snarley 3 months

The amount of hate speech in here is disgusting. And it's all coming from right wingers....BIG SHOCK.

AD C 3 months

Once again, protesting in the streets (without cops properly shutting a road down) has the inherant risk of vehicle collision. If a mechanical failure occurs at a crowded street, then there's little to nothing the driver can do to stop people from ending up dead. Yearly inspection will prevent that you say? It decreases the chances but doesn't eliminate the risk of mechanical failure. I speak from experience. I'm eternally thankful I had just enough time to choose to crash into a mailbox instead of the car in front of me, the school bus in the oncoming Lane, or the school children that had been let off and we're on the other side if the road.

Corey 3 months

Another Trump supporter (domestic Terrorist) Trump will call a Hero for killing those who don’t support him. Trump and his supporters are enemies of America!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 months

Let me guess, he was going slow at first and crawling through until the rioters starting attacking his car? I would have accelerated too, especially with the amount of violence we have seen from the riots. Like that guys who pulled out a gun and shot a guy just driving his car.

WWG1WGA 3 months

The road is for CARS don't play on the yellow lines you will get hit. If the cars on a sidewalk then they would be in the wrong. Just shows how dumb these useful idiots are.

DikotamousRex 3 months

Quick! Someone call the defunded Police!!!

Randall 3 months

It's a felony to purposefully hit someone with a motor vehicle. Even if they're in the way and you're in a hurry.

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 3 months

I would think that it would be common sense to get out of the way of moving vehicles.

Libertatem Gentibus
Libertatem Gentibus 3 months

Good. Get the hell out of the road.

TheDadJokeGuy 3 months

I'm just glad I'm a safe distance from Seattle. With the whole autonomous zone stuff and the protests in Portland going on for... What, 100 days now? I think I'll just go hang out with my aunt and uncle in Montana until this whole thing blows over

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