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WHO gives COVID variants Greek alphabet names to avoid stigma

WHO gives COVID variants Greek alphabet names to avoid stigma

The WHO has announced that Covid-19 variants are to be known by letters of the Greek alphabet to avoid stigmatizing nations where they were first detected. Under the new system, the variants of concern take on the following names: the so-called British variant becomes Alpha; the South African B.1.351 becomes Beta, the Brazilian P.1 becomes Gamma, and the Indian variant becomes Delta.

Dave 2 weeks

How dare they place the stigma on the Greeks! I demand they invent a new language to describe the virus so that no one is offended by its description!

Cían 2 weeks

Just further showing how pathetically weak the WHO is and other societies are. Why not go and rename all viruses Ebola for example named after a river in the Congo, does the WHO hate Africans shocking racism by them, what about yellow fever after the river in China I thought sleeper-in-chief was on that stop Asian hate bandwagon. Just pathetic

O'Brien 2 weeks

Like alpha and beta aren’t loaded terms...

MrLoseddos 2 weeks


Russell 2 weeks

Yep, let's drop useful information from the names, to avoid offence. Now you will have to check a reference table to determine if the strain encountered is native to the place where it's found, or if is spreading. This is insane.

NightWriter17 2 weeks

Corrected title: "The WHO Still Deferential to China, Assists in Shifting Blame"

Zion 2 weeks

Makes sense. The Spanish Flu didn’t actually originate in Spain, they were just neutral in World War I, so there were no constrains on their press to publish stories about it.

Abhijeet 2 weeks

It’s should only be termed Wuhan variant 1,2,3 and so on. Period.

donkeyscommand 2 weeks

This is a good, common-sense decision in my opinion, there's no need to connect a variant with a specific country, and it could remove largely unnecessary connections to specific countries.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 2 weeks

There are good reasons to change naming. More objective, "cleaner" naming that can also showcase order in which they appeared. But "stigmatisation" is very weak reason to start change.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 weeks

Calling it now: This will be labeled racist because the British variant being called the alpha will project its white superiority over all other "minority" countries.

Ty 2 weeks

Y'all know they didn't change the names. They only added names. The south African strain has been know as B.1.1.7 up till this point, the name scientists will continue to use. The names are just shorthands. Cause south African strain was never a name, just a description. That description can still be used. Put down your arms, lower your torches, there is no witch to burn. They just added names.

mCole98 2 weeks

Y'all that are like "how dare they". 😚 You do realize they already do this with Influenza and title them using the alphabet, do''t you? Influenza A, B, C, D, etc.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

Yes, that’s the important part....the stigma. So now we can blame the Greek for the Chinese bat-stew flu. That is a much better stigma. Well done! Well done!

Vark 2 weeks

Imagine being so uneducated that you think geography and ethnicty are the same thing.

InteryCreeper 2 weeks

I mean, that's why they use latin so much in science; makes it so no language is seen as preferred cuz they use a dead language. Greek letters are also already used ubiquitously in maths and physics. What good is it, to call it by their origin? It was just the first identifying property we knew, nothing more. Why do we need to keep in mind that the british/south african/brazillian/indian one is infecting those or the others? They are misleading; implying that they have qualities that are specific to nations. What makes the alpha version so british? Does it sound posh or something?

Joe 2 weeks

Maybe if people weren't panic prone this wouldn't be necessary to keep some semblance of peace during a tough time

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 2 weeks

More things to put on exams for medical students.

Egbert 2 weeks

Huh, I cough China would be Alpha.

Leo420 2 weeks

i like it it’s easier to differ 👍

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