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China reports first human case of H10N3 bird flu

China reports first human case of H10N3 bird flu

China’s said on Tuesday that a man in Jiangsu has been confirmed as the first human case of infection with the H10N3 strain of bird flu. The man, a resident of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized on Apr. 28 after developing a fever and other symptoms. He was diagnosed as having the H10N3 avian influenza virus on May 28. Officials added that the risk of it spreading on a large scale was very low.

Jon 2 weeks

Drink every time officials in China say that the risk of spreading is very low.

Madam I'm Adam
Madam I'm Adam 2 weeks

Anyone else feel like China is the national equivalent of the kid that sits in the corner eating boogers?

NightWriter17 2 weeks

Credit where credit is due, at least they're admitting this one only a FEW months late and not trying; unsuccessfully, to bury it. Let's just hope this isn't Wu-Flu 2: Cockadoodledoo Boogaloo.

Leo420 2 weeks

These comments will be too funny to read. 😂😂😂😂😂

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 weeks

Just in time to kick off the mid term elections... Mail in ballots for all... Lockdowns to follow. Goodbye America. It was good while it lasted.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

Everybody was Kung-flu fighting, The lockdown came fast as lightning, The hand out costs were a little frightening, Only the el-der-ly were dying... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooooooa..... Edit: to clean it up a bit.

Scott 2 weeks

Yeah, risk of any -further news about the illness- spreading further because the Chinese government and those involved in the enormous Orwellian machine are scum.

Omega 2 weeks

China seems to be the world's petri dish. If it were solely based on population density and sanitation conditions, I would expect as many or even more new diseases to emerge from India.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

“H10N3 is a less severe strain of the virus in poultry. The potential of it spreading over a wide-reaching area was low, according to the NHC. “.... Well then, I don’t know about you all but I feel safest when a Chinese state official with a gun to the back of his head tells me there is “nothing to worry about”.

Rob 2 weeks

Well, after SARS, and Covid-19, I hope they can manage to keep this one contained.

O.T.Q.D 2 weeks

Alright. All the other countries just need to cut off and isolate China. No travel to and from anymore. And goods coming from China are taxed to pay for an inspection and disinfection. This shit is just rediculous. The last several pandemics have come from China.

AD C 2 weeks

Here's hoping there's no a-symptamatics transmissions, because that was the REAL game changer for covid-19.

Nestor 2 weeks

Has anyone remember Ken Alibek and his book? Just saying... A lot similarities can just go unnoticed.

Faittastic 2 weeks

Round 2 huh

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

You're Fng kidding me

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 2 weeks


VanityCulture_ 2 weeks

I wonder how this one will play out..

k1shi 2 weeks

China: “i’m gonna circle back.”

David 2 weeks

Another day, another possible extinction event coming from China.

Asher 2 weeks

Ah shit here we go again

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