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Scott Morrison expects ’sensible outcome’ to news pay plan

Scott Morrison expects ’sensible outcome’ to news pay plan

Australia’s PM Morrison said that he expected a ’sensible outcome’ to his government’s plans to make digital platforms pay for journalism. Morrison said he had discussed his proposed laws with ’very senior-level executives’ including Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Earlier, Facebook warned that the laws could result in it blocking Australian news content rather than pay for it.

Edward 3 months

Oh, no one wants to pay for misinformation? Unsurprising really.

Wholly 3 months

Wouldn't they need to DO Journalism before they could get paid for it?

Speedy 3 months

Typical Scomo circle jerking the media. He's lucky most people in Australia still read legacy media and eat it up, that being the only reason he was elected.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 3 months

Predictable, don't know what Murdoch and the Liberals were expecting.

tanker 3 months

Feels great good they block us no more data taking

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