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Winds arrive and lights go out as California burns

Winds arrive and lights go out as California burns

The largest utility of California decided to turn off power to nearly 172,000 customers in order to try and prevent its power lines and equipment from sparking more fires in the state. Fires in the state have already burnt 2 million acres this year, with the state heading into the ’teeth’ of the wildfire season. The Labor Day weekend saw 200+ people being airlifted as they were trapped by flames.

Tom A
Tom A
Delterra 2 weeks

California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado? Anyone else on fire? Absolutely terrible, I hope this raises awareness for the environment and everyone is safe. My condolences for everyone being effected.

Unity.Nat 2 weeks

Pìss poor environmental mangement.

Matt 2 weeks

Mother is trying to heal the infection.

Grok This
Grok This 2 weeks

Manage your forests for goodness sake

KOAN. 2 weeks

Fire started by a tranny. Fact

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