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China allegedly kidnaps five Indian civilians near border between the countries

China allegedly kidnaps five Indian civilians near border between the countries

A lawmaker from India has accused Chinese troops of having abducted five Indian civilians near the disputed border between the two nations. The lawmaker, named Tapir Gao from the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh made the claim via a tweet, but did not provide further details. India’s military has reportedly sent a message to China inquiring about the alleged kidnappings.

Ben 3 months

Well, they are only children from the "one child" policy anyways, even so, Bad move for the PLA...they are out classed and out thought at every move they try in the LAC. Go India!!

John 3 months

china is desperately trying to take focus off the main issues by instigating India: 1. wuhanvirus deliberate release into rest of the world, 2. chinese illegal occupation of south china sea, 3. technology theft from western companies, 4. use of 5G technology to spy and use as synchronized bot to disrupt other countries financial and economic systems, 5. human rights violation of East Turkmenistan-Uigurs, Tibet, Hong Kong 6. shark loans to poor countries and conning them to hand over critical infrastructure. 7. Inflirtation of chinese funded human bots into global bodies--WHO, IMF, UNSC, ADB, SCO. 8. initiatives like belt-and-road to become totally dependent on chinese export--and your country is not allowed to export to china. 9. sheltering known international terrorists by vetoing any UN actions against-North, Korea, ISIS, Iran, pakistan-based islamic terrorists, Venezuela, and African dictators who give plum contracts to chinese companies 10 currency manipulation to benefit chinese companies This trend is obvious and you can see/read it in world news since last few years. china is imminent threat to rest of the world citizens--the least you can do is stop consuming anything made in china.

Bob H.
Bob H. 3 months

If true... is this not an act of war?

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