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Plan to penalize companies that offshore jobs unveiled by Biden

Plan to penalize companies that offshore jobs unveiled by Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently announced a plan to punish those companies which are found to be sending jobs overseas. The Democratic presidential nominee unveiled the plan ahead of his visit to Michigan on Wednesday. Mr. Biden pledged to formulate a ’Made in America’ tax policy which would also provide a tax credit to those companies which keep manufacturing in the US.

J.A.f.O 2 weeks

So Biden wants to give companies a tax break for keeping jobs here and penalize them for moving out of the states. I'VE HEARD THIS BEFORE......OH YEAHBTHATS WHAT TRUMP DID IN HIS FIRST YEARS IN OFFICE. He cut corporate tax rates, cut taxes to the American people and tariffed goods coming in from outside companies, working on getting factories back open but yet the democrats have fought him tooth and nail the whole way and yet, here's their nomination, saying the same thing and they are backing it. WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES.

Kent 1 weeks

More big and bigger government as expected.

Gordon 2 weeks

I thought Biden wanted to raise the corporate tax rate. Or did he forget again?

Corey 2 weeks

Dems have been trying to do this for decades but Repubs always block them!

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 2 weeks

Biden will be remembered for being the easiest to beat.

bad news bear
bad news bear 2 weeks

That's funny, considering he voted for NAFTA.

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