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U.S. to remove 2,200 troops from Iraq

U.S. to remove 2,200 troops from Iraq

U.S. Commander Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie in the Middle East announced that 2,200 U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of this month. The announcement was made alongside the Iraqi Minister of Defense as a sign that the troop reduction decision was made in consultation with the government of Iraq.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson
Qanonsense 3 months

Why waste good troops on the Middle East when you can use them to intimidate your own country?

Ruain 3 months

Imagine handling a post war situation so badly you end up making saddam hussein a martyr.

tenoclock 3 months

Orange Man Good!!

nsmith2016 3 months

Good, now get the rest out.

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