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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un addressed Trump as ’Your Excellency’ in letters: Book

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un addressed Trump as ’Your Excellency’ in letters: Book

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s new book – ’Rage’ – on President Donald Trump claims that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un referred to the president as ’Your Excellency’ in his private letters to him and said their meeting was ’reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy film.’ Trump has referred to the letters between them as ’love letters,’ but has refused to disclose them.

Cory 3 months

And...? This just points to Kim not understanding that he's " Mr. President". Oh, and that there's a level of respect that didn't exist toward Obama.

Nathanael 3 months

This is making me laugh. Rarely to headlines humor me as this one did. So little rocket man addressed our President with respect, however ignorantly the terms might appear. The MSM told us that Trump diplomacy was ineffective, and would even lead to war with NK. Facts deny.

Jesse 3 months

So Trump isn't running all foreign relations? Instead he may be fixing them? WTF CNN, why do you lie!

William Fakenamington
William Fakenamington 3 months

Perfectly normal in diplomacy. All world leaders are adressed like that. From Wikipedia: „Generally people addressed as Excellency are heads of state, heads of government, governors, ambassadors...“.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 3 months

That's about how all other leaders should address it president. Next, they would do well to adopt grovelling before our president.

Don'tbackNV 3 months

Just shows how little the left understands outside their poolball sphere of understanding.

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 3 months

As all people should be referring to him.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months

Probably a cultural difference.

Jeff 3 months

Would the left be happier if it was "guy whose country I've attacked with wmds"?

Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 3 months

Or would you much prefer "your presidentiality"?

R_Forde 3 months

It was likely just a translation error but people will freak out anyways.

Ben 3 months

As he should have.

David 3 months

Kim used trump's strategy. Say one thing, but intend the exact opposite. Your Excellency is Kim insulting the orange ape. "yes, your excellency. We will comply with whatever you want us to do". Then, North Korea threatens South Korea and Japan with naval exercises and the ominous nuclear bomb tests. Trump is so easy to play. Think about it. He "fell in love" with a brutal dictator who threatened the US and the orange ape replied with "little rocket man" and "our button is bigger" finished it off with "fire and fury which the world has never seen". We have a mentally ill, global embarrassment as president.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 months

North Korea knows how far flattery will get you with authoritarian, narcissistic trump. This is an example. Trump’s relationship with NK has gotten us nowhere. NK’s relationship with trump has gotten it the notoriety worldwide it desired. NK uses it to tell it’s people that their leadership regime is respected in the worldwide community, this helps enable them to control their people. This is one of the reasons that other presidents chose not to visit NK and give them credibility. Trump’s ego prevented him the same discretion.

Forsaken 3 months

Probably just another lie. Because that's what Trump does when he talks.

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