IATA warns govt’s globally to be prepared for transport of Covid-19 vaccine

IATA warns govt’s globally to be prepared for transport of Covid-19 vaccine

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned that delivering a COVID-19 vaccine globally would require ~8,000 jumbo jets. Hence it urged govts plan in advance to ensure that the vaccine reaches every citizen globally. The IATA cautioned that it would be a mission of the century for the aviation industry, hence govts needs to be prepared for the ’mammoth and complex task ahead.

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 1 weeks

Only the sheep want the vaccine, poor lil bleaters...little do they know this is just phase 1 of the live exercise....we are just getting started.

Ben 1 weeks

or we could actualize the formula in nearly every country and distribute regionally...who are these logistic i diots?

Matt 1 weeks

Man ... what a great sci-fi story. We joked the virus would make zombies. It didn't, but then the vaccine doesn't stop it, it makes it dormant and mutates it, turning us into zombies. The only people left? Anti-vax Karen, her four kids and husband, and suspender-wearing, confederate flag-waving, moon shine 'murica Jimbob, his wife Leanne, and their huntin' dog, Bubba. Together they survive against the horde of zombie normies. Put in some child porn and you could put it on Netflix.

Ben 1 weeks

hey, now they will be able to unpark all those long sitting jets...then we can leave them at whatever airport then end up at. Damn good recycling plan!

David 1 weeks

The rich will get it first they can pick it up in their personal Jets.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Seriously I'm not putting that shit in my body.



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