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’One of the WORST governors’, Trump says on Cuomo

’One of the WORST governors’, Trump says on Cuomo

President Trump slammed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as ’one of the worst governors’ in the country. ’One of the WORST governors in the USA. Caused 11,000 deaths in nursing homes due to his bad moves and incompetence’, Trump tweeted in response to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s tweet around Cuomo wanting to deploy 4,000 police checking for ’covid enforcement’ despite a surge in shootings.

Rocky 2 weeks

It's a close race between Coumo, Newsom, and Whitmer. Those three are the right hand of satan type bad.

WWG1WGA 2 weeks

It's ok to loot and burn business but you can't open or only have a few ppl in. HONK HONK🤡🌎

porcus 2 weeks

Cuomo's coof coof response of putting the infected into nursing homes directly led to over 10k covid deaths.

Outlaw 2 weeks

Trump says solar power is bad so Cuomo must be amazing! Well, I know he isn't amazing but Trump's words mean nothing. Even his base says that about him.

mango 2 weeks

Trump is in no position to call anyone incompetent he didn't give states a plan or guide like so they had to firgue it out on their own which lead to this

Shrieqer 2 weeks

I couldn't agree more. Aside from the nursing home incident, Cuomo shadow-bans flavored vaping at the peak of the pandemic despite there being no empirical evidence of it being deadly. It decimated tons of small businesses in NY. People I know personally. Cuomo is a menace to public health.

Julian 2 weeks

Cuomo is such an arrogant prick

Ben 2 weeks

cannot wait to hear Whitmer's comments or see her face when he wins again...D umb B itch.

Josh 2 weeks

Says the worst president

Dejay 2 weeks

The son of the rich back from 40 50 60 lol he doesn’t know what to do other than wine about everyone else’s mistakes lol. His parents generation left him with nothing it debt and oh how he Howls.

Lawrence 2 weeks

Trump doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Muzical 2 weeks

Once again, Governor-Empress Whitless just can’t quite make it 🤔

Cheryl Claussen
Cheryl Claussen 2 weeks

The worst president in American history has the utter gall to think he can name the worst governor? That’s a laugh

C 2 weeks

what a poor piece of tabloid journalism. when is Trump gonna reveal the president with the worst crisis management? america is flooded, on fire, being looted and battling a pandemic and all Trump does is golfing and watching pundits on TV 10 hours a day...

ken taro
ken taro 2 weeks

Reality tv except its our government officials instead of alcoholics.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

"One of" the worst? 11,000 nursing home patients dead because of his executive orders. Which governor is worse?

Lola 2 weeks

Trump is the #1 reason why 190k+have died. His incompetence and his, alone! The audacity of this man in unreal! No shame! I wouldn’t urinate on him, if he were on fire! He would enjoy it, too much!

Glen 2 weeks

Jay Inslee is the worst governor ever. He has absolutely no backbone. He's watching Washington state burn, just so he can make an environmental statement. One sick human being.

Patty 2 weeks

NOT sure.Lots to choose from

Benji 2 weeks

Laughs in Illinois governor

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