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Ivanka Trump pledges to take COVID vaccine on ’The View’ after challenge

Ivanka Trump pledges to take COVID vaccine on ’The View’ after challenge

Ivanka Trump, the daughter and adviser of President Donald Trump on Thursday pledged to take the coronavirus vaccine on ’The View’ after she was challenged by co-host Joy Behar. Behar expressed doubts about the President’s claims that a vaccine for the novel coronavirus could be ready soon, and further said that she would take the vaccine after Ivanka Trump did.

Tom A
Tom A
Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 months

She should have doubled-down and challenged Joy and Whoopi to leave the country If Trump gets re-elected. Not that any lefty loons ever keep that promise.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

If you had to rank people in the media on the TDS spectrum, would Joy Behar be higher or lower than Rachel Maddow?

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 3 months

How many times does the Trump family have to humiliate the cast of the view before the libs who watch that garbage show gonna understand the nonsense they watch.

KOAN. 3 months

TDS has turned them into Anti-vaxers. Interesting turn of events.

Jon 3 months

She will just have some crooked doctor inject her with saline. Don't believe the family of con artists.

Perry 3 months

The View is a complete and utter joke! It's just another arm of the DNC!

David 3 months

Do any people still believe a Trump will do what they say?

Satan411 3 months

She already took the vaccine but there were some side effects, that's why her lips are so big.

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