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12-year-old boy and his grandmother die in Oregon wildfire

12-year-old boy and his grandmother die in Oregon wildfire

A boy, 12, and his grandmother have died in a wildfire burning near Lyons, Oregon. The boy, identified as Wyatt Tofte, was found dead by volunteers who had been searching for him since he ran from his home as the Santiam Canyon wildfire approached on Tuesday afternoon. His family revealed that the boy’s grandmother was also killed in the fire and his mom was in critical condition at a hospital.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 3 months

That is such a tragic end to a young life. I wonder if his dog stayed by his side despite the danger it so obviously faced 😢

Tachyon 3 months

Well that's another murder added to Anti-fa's death toll! The fact that they're intentionally setting these fires in unconscionable! They ARE a terrorist organization. Probably three worst in US history as far as damages done and likely number two as far as death toll on American soil.

Matt 3 months

:( It's totally inappropriate, but I want to draw attention to the titles. That NYPost one ... I still chuckled at the idea that they're like 'f grandma, his dog was there, press f'. I know I'm going to hell now.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Thoughts and prayers to all impacted by these fires. Here is just a small example of the devastation:

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