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NASA to reward private companies for materials excavated from the Moon

NASA to reward private companies for materials excavated from the Moon

NASA has announced to reward those who collect moon rocks and samples over the next four years. The MIT Technology Review reported that the space agency, together with the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC), has issued a procurement notice. NASA has offered to pay companies and contractors for the collection of between 50g and 500g of ’lunar regolith and/or rock materials’ from the Moon.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Moving materials from space without contaminating them is difficult. The moon rocks from the lunar missions the US performed are still stored in vaccuum and have never been exposed to earth air. Its quite amazing. You can't perform reliable tests if you contaminate the test object after all. Not to mention the risk of foreign contamination being exposed to earth environment.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 3 months

Now they're planning to dismantle the moon? Oh no.

Seekster 3 months


Trevelyn 3 months

You people are NUTS ! You swear there is global warming . Us older generation was taught that the moon controls the ocean tides .So what kind of affect to you think that willl happen to earth ? If you start stripping the moon Did scientist not say El Nino and La Nina controls weather patterns .If the moon does not move the water .What will the weather look like after you destroy the moon ?

Orange Obama
Orange Obama 3 months

Slangin rocks

Indo 3 months

You see how everything works with earthlings. It must be money woethy. Or else in the dumpster it goes. Whether you talk or tik n tok, talk money n the magic appears put of nowhere

Dave 3 months

The age of the Space Pioneer has begun!

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