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8,800 migrant children denied refuge in the US under an emergency policy

8,800 migrant children denied refuge in the US under an emergency policy

8,800 migrant children without parents arrived at the southern border seeking refuge in the United States due to the pandemic. On Friday, the Trump administration denied the children refuge and have been ’swiftly expelled’ from the country. Additionally, ’7,600 members of migrant families with children’ have been expelled from the US-Mexico border.

Austin 3 months

This is made out to seem like the US just threw a bunch of kids over the border. It's just the demographic they chose to highlight. Those thousands of Kids are with tens of thousands of adults. So, um, good.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 months

Children that arrived at the border without their parents. So that category means that they were either by themselves (so mostly 15 years and up) trying to illegally enter the US, or they were small children who were with adults who are not their parents (ie child trafficking). For both cases, sending them home is the best choice for border control to make.

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 3 months

Good! Fantastic work Mr. President. Yet another reason President Trump will be getting my vote and winning re-election.

Randall 3 months

Holy Sh!t! Ain't we great! Some say that children are immune and cannot spread the virus so it's back to school for them. But perfectly legal CHILDREN get deported because they were born elsewhere. Anyone who thinks this is okay should have their children deported so they can see how it feels to be a legal citizen of the United States of America under Donald Trump. The way things are going we'll soon be executing the sick, the old and the poor to protect the wealthy and the powerful from the Trump virus.

Nick 3 months


J 3 months

The leftist kooks would have complained if he let them in.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months


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