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’Trump is going to accidentally do something positive here,’ says Joe Biden

’Trump is going to accidentally do something positive here,’ says Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s criticism of Trump mainly revolved around the U.S withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Recently, the Trump administration contracted a peace agreement between Israel and Bahrain. Joe Biden claimed during a fundraiser that, ’Trump is going to accidentally do something positive here.’

Robert_Clearwater 3 months

Say whatever you want, scrubs and trolls. Peace is breaking out in the Middle East and you have President Trump to thank for it.

Troy 3 months

Biden administration’s agenda simply put. “What did the right say today? Let’s say the opposite.” Just when you think our politicians couldn’t get any worse, here comes sleepy Joe with the absolute dumbest critique of the opposition.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 3 months

Yep...Trump keeps stepping on banana peels and executing another perfect backflip. He just 'falls' in to successes, right? In all honesty if he really is that lucky here is no way on Earth I am getting his way cuz that is some biblical levels of divine intervention.

AW1990 3 months

Better than getting a Nobel piece prize for bombing the hell out of the middle east...

Jim 3 months

Such a sideways world. So Democrats are so hell bent on attacking Trump they can’t even credit him for accomplishing something that no other president since Carter has accomplished ? Peace of any kind between Israel and any of the Arab countries should be looked at as a good thing, not openly denigrated

NACXL 3 months

Joe Biden "accidentally" putting together a sentence that makes sense instead of the usual words and grunts salad? Naah.. it must have been someone from his staff of writers and publicists..

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

“Joe Biden acknowledged Thursday that President Donald Trump is making peace between Israel and several Arab states, but he said that he was doing so “accidentally.” 40 years in DC and you didn’t get that clumsy even once!

David 3 months

Pretty sad when an advisory can do by accident what you couldn't do by supposedly trying.

Seekster 3 months

I mean if this was Trump doing stuff accidentally...

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 3 months

LMFAO! Biden gets more sad, desperate and pathetic by the day.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 3 months

Biden accidentally still in politics because the entirety of the dems are incompetent.

Mutatis 3 months

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for previous presidents if they tried and failed at enacting such peace agreements, while Trump manages such successes by sheer accident.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 3 months

Biden: accidentally stumbled into politics, and has remained there for 50 years with ZERO accomplishments. He is an empty suit. A par asite. Note: the very last word I used was censored by this ridiculous app, for ????

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 months

Biden accidentally finished a sentence!

JMMA-Z 3 months

This guy is the most brain dead idiot to ever run for anything. And that is saying a lot!

Steve 3 months

Obama admin accidentally releasing shipments of m16's to Mexican drug cartels

Glen 3 months

Trump accidentally becoming a great President. Trump 2020

michael 3 months

What about Palestine? Y'know, the NATIVES. Israel is an artificial state created out of anti semitic desire to not take in jewish refugees.

David 3 months

This goes against the Obama admins grain of war and Middle East destabilization.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Something alot of people couldn't do on purpose.

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