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Xbox Series X might put the PS5 in danger

Xbox Series X might put the PS5 in danger

After the reveal of the Xbox series X, and the lack of news regarding the PS5, rumors have begun to circulate about the possible specs and price of the PS5, yet nothing substantial has been said by Sony

Pariahwulfen 3 months

I'd say the problems with Sony censoring games on their platform would be a bigger risk.

nwhunt97 Gaming
nwhunt97 Gaming 3 months

Silly thing is that I can use the xbox services on a PC. Why would I buy a $600+ system if I already have a PC?

Shmee 3 months

The X-Box announced hardware price first and gave Sony the option to take an initial loss for long term market share. They have done this before. However, THE GAMES & exclusive titles for PS5 got a MUCH better reaction. Sony will win AGAIN.

R D 3 months

Consoles are for plebs who want to hurt the gaming industry. PC gaming is for gamers who want the industry to thrive.

Ruain 3 months

They're both trash next to pc

brainiac 3 months

Xbox is trash.

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