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France’s daily COVID-19 cases total to 10,561 for the first time

France’s daily COVID-19 cases total to 10,561 for the first time

On Friday, France recorded 10,561 new COVID-19 infections which marked the first time the country crossed the tally of 10,000 new cases in 24 hours. The number of deaths due to the virus totalled to 30,910. The spike in the number of cases comes along the same time as the country witnesses the ’Yellow Vest protest’ which advocates an anti-government movement.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

Yellow vests don’t you know the virus doesn’t spread as long as you destroy property, commit murder, and say “black lives matter”?

Nathanael 2 months

It's a virus. One that seems hardly containable. It appears that it will make its way around the globe, whether policies to stop it are implemented or not. Efforts to slow its spread have not proven to stop the inevitable. Only slow it temporarily. But every place that has had a significant part of its population get it, the spread had slowed way down, pr stopped. See New York with stict intervention. And then see Sweden with little intervention. Both have about the same outcome. Actually Sweden is doing slightly better. So logically, we have no confidence that places that have avoided it so far will not inevitably get it...

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 2 months

It cannot be tied to yellow vests because of time frame...but NICE TRY!!!!

Glen 2 months

None of this makes since! I've completely lost any interest in these so called statistics. Its beginning to sound like fabricated news.

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