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Georgia deputy fired after punching Black man repeatedly during arrest

Georgia deputy fired after punching Black man repeatedly during arrest

A sheriff’s deputy in Georgia has been fired for ’excessive use of force’ after being captured on video punching a Black man during a traffic stop. An inquiry has been ordered into the incident. The lawyer of the victim, Roderick Walker, said his client was sitting in a rental car, driven by a paid driver, along with his wife and two sons when the car was pulled over because of a broken taillight.

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

I'm gonna post my comment before I read the article. I'm guessing the video is out of context and only 12 seconds long. I'm guessing the suspect failed to comply with some sort of order. I'm guessing the suspect struggled with the arresting officer.

John W
John W 2 weeks

So many lies so far, I'm just assuming more BS at this point. The boy how cried wolf.

solodolo 2 weeks

A normal police interaction between POC and law enforcement in America: suspect stupidly refuses to follow legal orders by officers, and/or struggles to resist arrest, and cop profiles a black man and uses excessive force. Move along, nothing new to see here folks....

MICHAEL 2 weeks

Perhaps we could hold off on the rush to judgement. The police and their supporters will usually ask that we consider the entire incident and not just the video. Why can we not give the same measure of respect to those who are innocent until proven guilty?

MICHAEL 2 weeks

Violent responses to perceived injustices serve no one. But when your cries and protests are ignored for decades some people will feel that they have no options left. I cannot condone their actions but I can understand them. Can you condone one man kneeling on a football field? When you condemn even a simple peaceful protest such as that, what do you really expect as long as our society and you and your family and friends, turn a blind eye to institutional injustices. There are criminals who act in a provocative manner, of course there are. But will you deny that the police have for decades and in many, if not most cases, protected their own and shielded themselves from any accountability? If that basic fact cannot be acknowledged then I see little hope for reform and would expect the police to continue to erode any and all trust with the public and the communities they operate in.

Jack 2 weeks

Enforced violence. Low character stats means it’s A-okay this time!

Texas4ever 2 weeks

I really want to support law enforcement—Copholes like this make it hard.

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 weeks

If he resisted arrest I am fine with this.

RD 2 weeks

This is just a wild guess, but I'm betting he didn't comply with the officer.

porcus 2 weeks

[expand] I was able to find only one video of the incident, which starts with 2 police officers on top of him, on the ground; there is no context as to what happened prior to this moment.

Noobs 2 weeks

Capital B?

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