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Texas officer charged with aggravated assault in fatal 2019 shooting

Texas officer charged with aggravated assault in fatal 2019 shooting

A Texas cop is facing assault charges in connection with the 2019 fatal shooting of a woman after a struggle over the officer’s Taser. A grand jury indicted Baytown Officer Juan Delacruz for shooting Pamela Turner in the parking lot of an apartment complex where they both lived. Delacruz was charged with aggravated assault. Turner’s stepdaughter said police were aware she was schizophrenic.

Jeff 1 weeks

So if you have schizophrenia, you can attempt to disarm an officer without consequences. And don't even think about "de-escalation", you aren't reasoning with someone like that without medication.

Eric 1 weeks

Mental illness does not lessen another’s right to the preservation of life.

Cole Hampton
Cole Hampton 1 weeks

There isn't some "inintersectionality" checklist LEOs use when interacting with a person of interest. If subject resists-> use compliance techniques If subject is armed, attempts to disarm the officer-> an escalated use of force is indicated. If subject aggressively presents, or approaches the officer with a deadly threat -> deadly force is warranted up to and until the threat stops! I will be the first to admit our society has a big failing hole when it comes to our capacity to positively deal with this with mental disabilities. The problem is: once the situation escalates to the point where Law enforcement is needed on scene, most of the best possible outcomes have already been taken off the table. At that point, I cannot fault Law enforcement for responding to a physical threat. Instead of throwing gas on the flames of societal deficiencies, our elected representatives need to be held to account to enacting the changes we need to positively help those with mental issues, and not let them get to the point where they are a danger to themselves or others.

Jim 1 weeks

These prosecutors, in most cases are splitting hairs in order to ssyisfy the mob. Police are trained that when someone attempts to disarm them it’s a shoot situation. If cops are trained to do this and prosecutors are ignoring that training we have a huge problem. And one more point, the IS Supreme Ct long ago stated that every situation must be reviewed from “the reasonable officer “. Perspective. Meaning it dosent matter what people who weren’t in the situation think, it matters what going on at the time. It makes no difference if cops are dealing with a mental patient, if they are fighting or taking tasers they are still fighting and taking tasers, sane of insane death is death and cops shouldn’t have to die because someone is off their meds or out of the families control. It’s time for all officers to resign in this country. Prosecutors are feeding the frenzy to protect their jobs and political careers, cops shouldn’t be caught up between legal acts and butt kissing DAs. If they are going to start sacrificing cops to the mob they should at least change how cops are trained so they aren’t taught to do what prosecutors later decide is criminal to do . Funny part about this entire BLM thing is prosecutors teach cops all the time and they are the ones teaching cops that they can shoot they are also the ones who are going to court everyday and asking a judge to mass incarcerate blacks. So if blacks are disproportionately locked up it’s the prosecutors doing it !

Mark 1 weeks

Unless I’m missing something why is the officer not charged with manslaughter or murder? Assault? She’s dead. I don’t get it. Will someone explain that to me, please?

Red Lens
Red Lens 1 weeks

I have an uncle with schizophrenia. I love him dearly but without medicine he can be dangerous. He went to Alaska years ago and I don't know where he is anymore. If I found out he attacked cops and got shot I'd be sad but I get where he could do something that would put his life at risk. It's a serious condition but that doesn't mean he can't put himself and others in danger.

Mutatis 1 weeks

What an unsurprising coincidence, her family's lawyer is Ben Crump.

Glen 1 weeks

News flash: Police are not allowed to defend themselves.

IIZard 1 weeks

"After a struggle for his tazer" "in '19" Race bait harder

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Once again attack someone with a gun you will LOSE 99.9999999% of the time.

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 1 weeks

Now, if we only had social worker first responders...

Richard 1 weeks

I bet she won't do that again.

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