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China would prefer TikTok getting banned than being sold forcefully to US Co.

China would prefer TikTok getting banned than being sold forcefully to US Co.

The Chinese govt expects TikTok to be banned in US rather than allow a forced sale of the app to US company. ByteDance, has been in discussions to since last one month sell its US business post US President issued an executive order to ban TikTok if a deal was not reached by the middle of Sept. However the Chinese officials have opposed a forced sale, as it would show both ByteDance & China weak.

David 3 months

Ban that sh@t!

kinG 3 months

But Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps have been stealing user data for years .. why not but this same "regulation" on US companies?? That's right Trump doesn't do regulations on US companies...

SickOfTribalisem 3 months

Well that's fairly obvious we are speaking of the CCP.... Trying to force the company to sell is simply a propaganda move from trump's side.... Kids thinking he banned the app they loved isn't great but if the kids have the perspective of... Oh he wanted to change the app to make it safe from spying but the Chinese resisted... Well not amazing but better

Lisa 3 months

I would agree that we have a bit of hypocracy going on here, we went from not believing we were being spied on by our own country to just accepting it is ok. Maybe the only real pawns in this game of chess is us.

Shameless 3 months

Trump needs to do more to protect our free speech on these social media platforms. He says that it's a matter of national security that tick tock is not owned by the Chinese but what I want to know is why there's less censorship on a chinese-owned app than there is on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube than there is on tiktac? Why should I want tictac to be owned by an American if that American is going to completely shut down all conservative speech on the platform like they've done on all the other platforms?

Indo 3 months

Chainamen had hawkishly prepared for a 2020 global trade monopoly. But it seems nature don't condone it. So its now on hold.

John 3 months

Strangely, I agree with China on this. TikTok is a useless time waster and the world would be a better place without it. Ban in and be done with it.

ben 3 months

close it down, it isn't like someone else will not create the same interface for users...this isn't magic.

Doug 3 months

Perfect! Just another incompetent decision by Winnie the Flu Bear.

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 3 months

Great! Microsoft would have just passed data to the CCP anyway.

Don'tbackNV 3 months

Of course! They want to justify what they've been doing for years restroactively plus call us racist because we have a weak spot for it even though they are most racist nation on this planet! Banning China from the world is the most effective way to stop their world domination 天下 heaven mandate 666 luciferian nwo plan.

ben 3 months

Sure, look at all the data they have already collected. Ban should have been immediate.

nwhunt97 Gaming
nwhunt97 Gaming 3 months

This statement does put a smile in my face.

Nunya 3 months

Terrible summary.

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