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Woman who passed away in February gets letter saying she has COVID-19

Woman who passed away in February gets letter saying she has COVID-19

The health department in Tennessee has apologized to the family of a dead woman after they received a letter saying she tested positive for COVID-19. Sandra Whittington died of COPD on Feb 16. Whittington’s son said they received a notice saying she had tested positive and should isolate herself from others. He added that the health department claimed his mother took a COVID-19 test on June 20.

Rocky 2 weeks

This has been an epidemic in Tennessee (and other areas of the country I hear). Where people that were not even tested are getting notification that they tested positive for covid. The system is unbelievably broken and I wonder if it's not on purpose sometimes.

Jon 2 weeks

My grandma never got her test results. Yeah, testing in this country has been an abysmal failure, wtf so you think we have been saying while the denier in chief keeps pretending it doesn't exist.

John W
John W 2 weeks

It's a fake result. She was dead way before the said she supposefoy took the test. "It’s impossible for someone to be tested on June 20, who passed away on February 16th"

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

She also got her second mail-in ballot.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

And we want to put the government in charge of our health care??!?!

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 weeks

I wonder who she’s voting for this November.

Ian.. 2 weeks

I cant believe everyone is expected to take COVID numbers seriously when stories like this are everywhere.

Amoneywilson 2 weeks

Florida has 94% false positives. People not even getting tested getting positive notices in the mail was a big part of this. NFL also had several false positives on actual tests going to New Jersey lab. It still doesn’t make sense to test people with Q tip up the nose if the saliva in mouth is just as infectious.

John W
John W 2 weeks

FYI everyone, testing in the USA was not approved till FEB 28, she died on Feb 18. That's pretty clear. February CDC refused to let other labs process tests that month; allowing an average of fewer than 100 samples/day to be processed. Tests using two components were not determined to be reliable until the 28th, and only then were state and local laboratories permitted to begin testing.[104] The test was approved by the FDA under an EUA.[citation needed]

Dylan 2 weeks


LibraSkale 2 weeks

I goning to be honest and encourage yall to do research onrhis yourself but there has been countless lies about the death tolls pf corona virus coming from officials like "doctors" to inflate it and make it seem way worse than what it is. Now knowing that these seems like another lie too inflate the death roll for corona virus.

Diddy 2 weeks

The only real epidemic is the lies and exertion of control our government is forcing upon us for something that is less deadly than the flu. A virus so "deadly" you have to take a test to even know you have it.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 weeks

Well kind of late for the notice now huh. I mean what probably happened was that the virus kick started her COPD into killing her faster which is pretty much what happened.

Lev 2 weeks

Oh yeah we've been doing testing the best testing some people say they've never seen testing like this 7 months later post-mortem testing good job President Trump Orange man bad, indeed.

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 weeks

Anecdote: a friend of mine went and got a test. As a nurse, she was put on leave until her test results came back, which came back negative. She then went back and worked for 10 shifts or so. The county then calls her back TWO WEEKS later saying, whoops, btw you were positive. In that time, who knows how many patients and parents she could have passed it on to. Where I am, it’s being mismanaged on a local level to an astonishing degree. We saw a positive rate skyrocket in one day. As it should, since they didn’t record the positive results for the prior 30 days. This is just another anecdote so take it as you will.

Alex 2 weeks

That’s one way to increase the death statistics.

S 2 weeks

Proof the COVID rates in the US are fabricated.

Seekster 2 weeks

My God its infecting the dead aka Democratic voters now!

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 2 weeks

It just illustrates the scam that's going on.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 weeks

7 months into the pandemic and I still don’t know anyone who died from it. Not saying people haven’t, but I am saying the MSM has tried to drive the fear into us about it steady. Something doesn’t add up....

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