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Facebook cracks down on climate change misinformation

Facebook cracks down on climate change misinformation

Facebook has launched a climate science information center to elevate credible sources on climate change. Facebook said the project, modeled on its COVID-19 Information Center, will be rolled out in the US, France, Germany and the UK initially. Facebook confirmed that its global operations will achieve net zero carbon emissions and be 100% supported by renewable energy this year.

Rocky 2 weeks

I wouldn't trust Facebook saying the sun is a credible sources of light. They are not worthy of consideration as a source of any information. This is the equivalent of asking a habitual liar to head the ethics board.

Leonard 2 weeks

I wonder if they'll tell us the climate has been changing for 5 billion years. That there have been several major Ice Ages, and that in between those Ice Ages warming occurs. Colder, warmer, colder, warmer. I wonder if they'll tell us we are still actually coming out of the last Ice Age, thus the warming trend. Ya think?

IvoryDove 2 weeks

So... Will they stick to known facts like "The earth's global temperature swings 13°c every 125k years and we're in a natural cycle" or will the push theories like "increase in co2 will cause the earth to warm"? ?

Nathanael 2 weeks

Headline should read, "Facebook begins total enforcement of their political bias." Besides becoming the world's largest sensor of free speach, they have additionally assumed themselves the arbiter of truth in medical field, and now climate science. Yet they sensor the very experts of those fields. Shameful.

William 2 weeks

Sigh... climate change is real.... really simple to fix as well. Stop cutting down all the trees...duh Trees shade the earth not just people.... every time you kill a tree you kill oxygen and raise the temperature of the earth as it's no longer providing shade, absorbing the sun/UV Rays.. Killing trees and building parking lots out of Black Asphalt and concrete...both absorbing and generating HEAT...DUH Oh and those pyromaniac s on the west coast.. it's not rocket science that those fires generate a shit load of heat. Oh and those SOLAR farms.... LMFAO.. have you seen the videos of bird's disintegrated as they fly over them? Over 1200 degrees air temperature... but yeah that's not contributing to global warming...pffft... get a clue PS facebook is a joke.

Sam 2 weeks

Credible sources being anything that is left leaning, but not to include scientific research that doesnt say what they want it to.

Dan 2 weeks

😄😄😄Saying Mark Z of FB pushes the truth is like saying politicians 'on't lie. What a joke FB has become.😆If they are pushing something,know the opposite is true.

Tim S
Tim S 2 weeks

Good thing Facebook didnt exist back when Galileo's work was standing against The Church, we'd still be thinking that the earth is flat.

Shameless 2 weeks

So Facebook is going to censor and pull down anything that says that the cycles of the sun affect climate change which is the total truth but it doesn't fit their narrative. This is why we can't allow big tech to act like the arbiters of Truth

Cole. 2 weeks

They really seem like a publisher now. Maybe we should amend section 230

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 2 weeks

So is Facebook accepting that it is a publisher instead of a platform now that they are apparently the arbiter of truth?

Kurt 2 weeks

Of course if it doesn’t fit the false narrative

Brad 2 weeks

What gives FB the authority to decide what is credible information?

Deet 2 weeks

Thats why no one should have fb

Trevelyn 2 weeks

Here we go pushing climate change .What's the motivating factor? MONEY .

BomberTheGreat 2 weeks

Hellooooo PUBLISHER xD

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 weeks

Facebook = orbiter of objective truth for ALL TIME... especially concerning whether or not a woman is a 7 or 9... got to love college ;P

Talon One
Talon One 2 weeks

The Ministry of Truth has been founded, I see.

IIZard 2 weeks

The ministry of truth emerges.

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