Baby Yoda brought back in the trailer of the Mandalorian Season 2

Baby Yoda brought back in the trailer of the Mandalorian Season 2

The first trailer of the Mandalorian Season 2 has arrived and with it has arrived the world famous Baby Yoda. The trailer premiered on the 15th of September on Twitter. The season 2 of the famous show is set to premiere on Disney+ this fall. The show will continue on the adventures of the titular bounty hunter who is being played by Pedro Pascal and his Force-wielding companion called ’The Child’.

Owen 3 days

Out of all the shit that's posted to this app, this is the news I like to hear the most.

TheTrooper424 3 days

That show fell off a cliff after the 3rd episode. Not looking forward to it at all. Also, why is baby Yoda being in the trailer such a headline? They literally threw him in our faces nonstop during the first season so they could sell more toys. Rubbish.

Seekster 3 days

Happy to see this show back. Hoping against Hope that Disney didn't butcher it like they did with all the other Star Wars things they have made.

Zach 3 days

Bread and circuses. All this meaningless drivel is a distraction.

Robo 3 days

God I hate seeing this thing at this point. It just makes me think of sad lonely women whose biological clock has run out posting pictures of themselves taking care of those dolls as if they were children, which is happening all over Facebook.

RD 3 days

Who cares

Morbo 3 days

Couldn't care less about this patented Disney manipulation tool. As long as Gina is back I'm happy.

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