International image of the US plummets, claims a 13-country survey

International image of the US plummets, claims a 13-country survey

As per a 13-country survey conducted by Pew Research, the international reputation of the US has plummeted in the wake of its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that a median of 15% of respondents said the US had done a good job handling the crisis. Pew also gauged opinions surrounding Trump, which were low across the board compared to his predecessor and other world leaders.

David Yesterday

Trump is taking it to these freeloading countries and making them do their fair share. Of course people aren't thrilled with us. Bout time we stood up against these countries. We aren't your meal ticket

plastic African
plastic African Yesterday

Who give a fuck? I mean we know china have camps with Muslims but no one gives a shit about that

O'Brien Yesterday

I’m wondering if China, India, Brazil, Japan or Saudi conduct popularity contest polls? I’m guessing not. Who cares if what a handful of TDS diaspora thinks?

ph Yesterday

The reputation of the United States, even at the foriegn government level, is largely driven by a mass media determined to portray our nation as negatively as possible because nedia hates current leadership. Consequently, our reputation is of no concern to me. Our leader needs to continue make decisions with best outcome for ALL citizens in mind.

Bob H.
Bob H. Yesterday

So.... why be surprised that socialist governed nations would have a disfavored opinion of a republican nation led by a Republican leader who puts his country first and believes in individual freedom as opposed to state control?

Pryotra Yesterday

Looking through the results, they polled incredibly few people (~13k) across 13 countries, and a clear political bias in the results has been shown in favor of pro-establishment world entities, with China being a notable exception likely due to being responsible for the spread of the virus. Overall, it's a petty, meaningless poll. It's just a shame that these shoddy polling practices have led to the loss of faith in polls and polling in general.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy Yesterday

All the lesser countries don’t like mine!?! Oh no! 😱Whatever shall I do? Good luck finding me giving a damn what some Europeans think. They can continue to eat shit on that genital wart they call a continent. I was disappointed by Trump’s shithole countries comment: it wasn’t diverse and inclusive and stunning and brave enough. There are 195 countries in this world, and approximately 194 of them are shitholes.

Bryce Schniers
Bryce Schniers Yesterday

Yep because all the big companies have been selling off the us for years and now we have a president that stops wars and cares about the American people and not international interests

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito Yesterday

I hope they’re all European countries. They’ve been dead weight leeching off of us since their empires all collapsed. The only thing they provide now is a smug sense of self importance despite how irrelevant they really are.

JC Hagen
JC Hagen Yesterday

"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both". We are the richest most powerful county the world has ever seen. Those who love us come here, those who hate us stay where they are and take polls.

Leonard Yesterday

I don't really care. They don't like us as much because we're making them pay their own bills? Outfreakinstanding.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter Yesterday

If you didn't know this already then you really don't have a brain at all. tRump aka Don the Con could care less about our image hell he doesn't care about the American ppl just look at the way he handled the virus and also downplaying. So basically lying to every perosnt in America. I hope the ppl who vote for Trump love to be lied to on a daily.

sleeping Yesterday

Say what the world wants about Donald j Trump but yesterday I noticed a shipment of steel at my part-time job at home Depot and it mostly said made in the USA when most of the times it says made in China !! Some of it did say made in India or Mexico but the quality is obvious!! I used to not like this president but now I understand that he's the only chance we have bring manufacturing back to the United States.

CoolerKing Yesterday

That's fine I don't think we are in a personality contest anyway. Maybe we can keep more of our money at home and give less of it abroad.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari Yesterday

Honestly don't care what the rest of the world thinks about the US.. what are they going to do about it lol I'd sooner flip the switch for nuclear Holocaust before ever shedding a tear for any other nations opinion



James Yesterday


Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 7 hours

The real virus is the media industrial complex.

Seekster Yesterday

Yeah 2020 is weird and Trump has ticked off globalists. Another reason I will be voting for him.

Jason Yesterday

Sooo 190 plus countries the world over, and 13 decide that the us is not as well liked? Guess this is news??

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