Survey on Holocaust knowledge among young Americans reveals surprising results

Survey on Holocaust knowledge among young Americans reveals surprising results

In what is believed to be the first nationwide study on Holocaust knowledge among millennials and ’Generation Z’, more than two thirds of young Americans were found not knowing that six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. One in 10 adults under the age of 40 does not believe the Holocaust happened. 11% of the 1000 respondents believe Jewish people caused the Holocaust.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings Yesterday

Our education system needs a hardcore overhaul. If this is what our teachers are teaching they need to not be teachers anymore.

christine hancock
christine hancock Yesterday

I'm saddened by this, but not all that surprised. In school we barely covered the Holocaust at all. The fact that I can name details is because I studied WWII out of personal interest in middle school. My knowledge is almost in spite of my education, not because of it.

Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger Yesterday

Theres a documentary out there called Europa: The Last Battle, it makes the case that the jews basically control the world, I'm not sure how true all the information is within it but definitely worth the watch, I'm not one of those "wake up sheeple!" guys but it gave me a different perspective of the holocaust in general I believe you can find it on bitchute in its entirety

Dawlben Yesterday

Under 40 here, I know about the holocaust. We even read and watched Schindler's List.

WWG1WGA Yesterday

I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BELIEVE the inflated numbers. Hitler bad YES but this super boogie man not even close. Stalin killed 3 times as Hitler's supposed number, Chairmain Mao 12 to 15 times as many and Muhammad is responsible for 150 million plus to this day.

The Left is Lost
The Left is Lost Yesterday

Thank you to Liberal public schooling for lying to our children and withholding important history to them.

tenoclock Yesterday

Oy Vey!

tim 23 hours

It’s time to get ride of government schooling. Not only is it failing us it has become the largest tax and money wasting portion of government.

Patty Yesterday

Because they are teaching BS

eclipseNF Yesterday

Oy vey goyim never forget we are the biggest victims!

Kody C.
Kody C. Yesterday

Why do we consider such small sample sizes to be news worthy? It’s honestly surprising to me that a “survey” can be considered news when it’s only a sample size of 1,000 people, and it doesn’t say how those people were selected or if they were randomly chosen. This is anacdotal evidence at its worst, and shows a lack of education within those 1,000 people at the best.

ariel Yesterday

I'm gen z lol. And I feel like I know almost everything about the holocaust. My teachers repeatedly taught about it over and over again when I was in high-school.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي Yesterday

Why is anyone suprised? There are people who dont know that Canada and Mexico exist but that America is ALL of North America because it's in the name... . There is a reason the saying "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" is so popular because it never fails that we as people forget history

B I G Yesterday

This isn't really that surprising, it is Americans we're talking about afterall

Leonard Yesterday

Thank our liberal schools for this.

fecfur Yesterday

What lmao we learn about like everything I dont understand

Randy Yesterday

Now ask if they know who the other millions were who were also killed in the same Holocaust, and what other 20th-century monsters saw that body count and said "hold my beer"

Travis Yesterday

In washington they just breeze through world war 2 as fast as possible. Most of my knowledge is research I did on it. We never even went over the cold war or world war one. We did go over the magna carta, aztecs, inca, and Maya though. No crusades to be heard of. We went very very brief with french revolution but my history classes were terrible there.

ben Yesterday

is that up or down from 30% of baby boomers that believe same?

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting Yesterday

Oy vey, goyim. Looks like you forgot about the six billion

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