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Trump shares Biden meme playing ’F--- tha Police’

Trump shares Biden meme playing ’F--- tha Police’

President Donald Trump shared a video meme of Joe Biden, his Democratic rival for the presidency, bobbing his head to the NWA song ’F**k the Police.’ Trump quoted a tweet that had the clip and wrote ’What is this all about?’ The meme took a viral video of Biden bobbing his head to the song ’Despacito’ for Latino voters during his Tuesday Florida visit and replaced the music with ’F**k the Police.’

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 1 weeks

Lmao when media are normies that can’t meme

Guillermo 1 weeks

Well, it's almost true. He's paying the bail for people fire bombing police stations.

Rocky 1 weeks

Hilarious trollery. He may not be the best president ever or the most presidential, but he will definitely be remembered as having the best sense of humor.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 weeks

Did anyone see the crowd Biden gathered for his Latinos for Biden rally? Haha yea, me neither, because virtually no one showed lol

MrLoseddos 1 weeks

I love that huffpest calls it busted. They kinda missed that it was on purpose.

snarley 1 weeks

And in less than a week im going to start hearing Trump slaves saying "did you know Joe Biden played F*** the police at a rally?"

Supreme 1 weeks

Not even close to anything Joe said. But it's still hilarious lmao

Teresa 1 weeks

Trump is a SOB

darkwingsmurf 1 weeks

How did no one on Biden’s team see this coming.... like it was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about this. Don’t give the meme masters of /pol the Donald and 4chan at larger any fodder.....

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

The left can’t meme. It’s so cute how they can be the victimizer and the victims at the same time.

Austin 1 weeks

Oh no the swears!!!!!

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 weeks

Oh HuffPo, you do make me laugh sometimes! That headline can only be written by someone with TDS.

James 1 weeks

😂 All the lib blue checks are in a tizzy over it too.

Yoda 1 weeks

Stop making Biden cool.

Dom 1 weeks

Good job trump on making Biden look cooler than he actually is lol

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 1 weeks

He doesn't even realize how awesome it would be if Biden actually listened to N.W.A.

Charles 1 weeks

When George Photoshop is over, call me.

Matt H.
Matt H. 1 weeks

Yet has Copmala as a VP... Hmm.

Ian 1 weeks

You know, like an adult would do. I'm so glad our president spends all day tweeting, watching tv, or lining his pockets by golfing at his resort...

David 1 weeks

I'm going to make a trump video with patriotic Hitler music it will be hilarious.

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