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CDC says vaccine probably wont be widely available till late 2021

CDC says vaccine probably wont be widely available till late 2021

Top health officials in the country raised caution about the enthusiasm surrounding a COVID-19 vaccine, and said that while a vaccine may be in limited supply towards the end of 2020, widespread distribution which would help bring normal life back could not be guaranteed till at least 2021. President Trump has often said vaccine approval will mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

Caleb 3 months

How is it even possible for a mask to protect you better than a vaccine?

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Amazing. Left pushes masks and Right pushes vaccine. Yet magically paper masks work better. And we learn this when they say vaccine will be ready by October. 🤔

ben 3 months

I was unaware that the CDC made vaccines? the three phase 3 trials are private vendors...there is a time for bureaucracies to speak and times not. How about STFU until you have hard data?

Charles 3 months

The pandemic doesn’t end with a vaccine. It ends when death rates drop. And Trump making promises does not save even one life, but does add to his lie count.

Nathanael 3 months

The Virus is losing steam, thank God.

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