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Over 200 naked inmates escape from Uganda prison

Over 200 naked inmates escape from Uganda prison

More than 200 prison inmates in Uganda’s Moroto district broke into an armory, stripped themselves naked and escaped from the jail into a remote wilderness area in the country’s northeast. According to a spokeswoman for the country’s military, during the jailbreak, one soldier and two inmates died in a firefight. She said the inmates were ’hardcore’ criminals who were jailed for cattle theft.

Fred 3 days

They re still loose and no updates

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 weeks

They're off to find their spider queen, she knows the way.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 1 weeks

Coming soon, to a quaint, European sea-side town near you.........

Jeff 1 weeks

🤭...Bbc reporting on this...get it?

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