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Trump’s ’appalling’ remark about COVID-19 deaths blasted by Virginia Democrat

Trump’s ’appalling’ remark about COVID-19 deaths blasted by Virginia Democrat

President Donald Trump was criticized by Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia after the former sought to blame states controlled by the Democrats for the nation’s death toll from the novel coronavirus crisis. Rep. Beyer described the President’s remarks as ’appalling’ and ’inhuman’, and noted that 2,884 Virginians had died as a result of the disease.

RD 3 months

TRUMP PENCE 2020🇺🇸👍💯💪

Cole. 3 months

He isnt wrong.

John 3 months

The fear mongering by the republicans continues and its their policies that are destroying the lives of the American people with constant lies favorable to their rich donors who intern reap the rewards of tax breaks at the taxpayers cost

Jon 3 months

I guess he forget he is president of ALL the states and ALL the people. What a completely absurd thing for him to say. It really beings out his narcissism nicely showing he only cares about people who support him or praise him. Worst president ever. 🤦 He really is""not my presiden"" he even admits it.🤣😭

Nathanael 3 months

Sorry, Republicans do not traffic in fear. From Covid to Climate Change the Left's all-out effort, whether inadvertently or not, is to propagate fear. It's fear-mongering. And it serves to control people like terror always has. Live right, and fear not.

Nathanael 3 months

Top 4 states rated by covid death's /million: 1 . N.J. :1822/ million, and 16,179 total deaths 2. N. Y.:1705/m, total deaths 33,163 3. Mass. :1343/m. Total 9260 4 Conn.:1259/m total 4488 And to President Trump's point, NY, and NJ are around 5% of the US population, and 25% of the nation's death toll!

ken taro
ken taro 3 months

Why cant dems just be republicans? Why would they want to be wrong and evil? Red all over 2020

bobby_5150 3 months

I guess you forgot that this a Republic. Trump does not have absolute power.

Texas4ever 3 months

I don’t care about Democrat knickers any more. They constantly act up and act deranged and hateful towards him then say things like this when he plays their game back. I am sick of being gratuitously insulted also- It is enough.

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