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Trump trying to ’gaslight’ the coronavirus, claims Al Gore

Trump trying to ’gaslight’ the coronavirus, claims Al Gore

Hitting out at the Trump administration over its response to COVID-19, former Vice President Al Gore said that President Donald Trump is trying to ’gaslight’ the coronavirus. He also accused the President of gaslighting the climate system, and said that we need to ’act to protect ourselves and our civilization’. He further said that the country needs new leadership to emerge from the pandemic.

Tom A
Tom A
Jeff 0 months

Is it not ironic to constantly tell people the president is trying to undermine democracy and sow doubt in the democratic process? Is that not doing the same thing, especially when you are speaking about what he might do in the future? And where is the "Without proof" or "falsely claims" tags on the articles

S 0 months

That stock photo of Al Gore is priceless. If it hasn't been memed to death yet, it should be. It reminds me of the History Channel pic with the guy from Ancient Aliens, except Uncle Al looks even crazier than that.

Arker 0 months

"I'm super cereal you guys!"

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 0 months

Ah! A subject matter expert on gaslighting.

Seekster 0 months

Whoa! Whoa whoa. Whoa...Al Gore is still alive? I could have sworn he was killed by manbearpig.

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