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Leftist crap. Opening an article with: The pandemic is threatening in-person voting and leading polling stations to shut down. Donald Trump is waging a battle against mail-in ballots, widely considered a safe, non-partisan alternative The Republican party has consistently voted to keep election offices, and the post office, underfunded. Let's examine shall we: The pandemic is only threatening in-person voting. Yet rioting, stealing, protesting is perfectly okay todo. Nancy can get her hair did in person, but it's not safe to go to a polling place where most of the time the poll boths are walled off and separate from each other anyhow. Donald Trump is not waging a war on mail in ballots. Even liberal media has stated how unreliable mail in voting is, and how suspectable to fraud it can be. If I remember correctly, which I don't because the media spins their own narrative, Donald Trump was willing to pass a bail out for the post office, offering it funding to ensure it could keep doing what it's supposed to be doing, as long as it didn't contain anything else including the democrats extras such as a stimulus for illegal immigrants. The media is such biased crap. Especially the huff post.

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